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Risk Mitigation 2018-07-10
So, tell me, how is the buyer's risk mitigated in your model?

I could quickly respond to a dozen offers on this site with 'scam seller' or 'fake seller' but I am trying to respond like an adult.

Labelling legitimate caveats to buyers and sellers as fake does nothing to raise your credibility - particularly when the ONLY web presence that I find for "Mr. Oleg Brehm, CryptoFuture" is from this site?

Time wasting. petrofinder, you owe me an hour of my life back

>> Mr. Oleg Brehm, CryptoFuture


What did not you understand ????
Banks around the world block larger transactions related to cryptocurrency trading.
The fact that the payment from the buyer reaches the trustee's account of the licensed agent does not mean that the money will reach the bank account of the seller after the BTC issue without problems.
The basic principle of issuing BTC by the seller is receiving payment from the buyer in advance.
Banks also block outgoing transfers from the account of deposit agents.
Therefore, stop philosophizing because you have no experience in cryptocurrency.
You only beat foam like any desperate agent with no money!

>> Mr. Daniel Steeves, Steeves Solutions

Your response puts you into the risk column

I am not talking about an escrow "procedure" I am talking about a professional, third-party escrow - whose licenses and reputations rely on playing the middleman role legally and legitimately.

If you are using a legitimate service such as TMF, Noble, etc - the fiat is in their hands / in their account and the contract enables the protection - using their wallets and accounts, where the middleman takes possession of both commodities.

Buyer gets the cc, seller is then sent the fiat - all managed by the impartial middleman.

We have made some large scale purchases this way over recent days.

Any other approach puts one side or the other at levels of risk that are unacceptable.

>> Mr. Oleg Brehm, CryptoFuture


Why are you writing such nonsense?
It is not possible to buy BTC in large quantities with the escrow procedure or MT103 - 202
If such transactions were possible, there would be no limits of up to € 15,000 in exchange offices and platforms with cryptocurrency.
Banks around the world are blocking large transfers related to the trading of cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoins is not the same as USD or EUR currency, so do not write nonsense.
The purchase of BTC is possible only face to face and payment in cash or via the Internet, but payment only by a standard Sepa or Bic / Swift transfer to the merchant's bank account.
Large transfers related to cryptocurrency will always be blocked by Banks based on suspected money laundering and terrorist financing.
People who have experience in BTC trading know that for security reasons, a one-off transaction should not exceed 500 BTC.
Fraudsters from Nigeria open up fake websites of banks and deposit agents without any problems and then look for nerds to steal BTC.
You probably are one of them since you are so eager to persuade the BTC sellers to pay with the escrow procedure, which does not guarantee that the payment will reach the seller after the BTC release to the buyer.
Digital currency is not the same as condoms or Red Bull, where the escrow procedure, a letter of credit or other financial instruments with blockade may apply.

Seller's do not send the first BTC because you will lose if you hit the cheater.
BTC's payment to the buyer's wallet is an irreversible operation and you will not recover your BTC even in court.
Bank transfer is a reversible operation and the buyer will recover his money if he is cheated.
That's why the principle of buying a digital currency is that the buyer has to pay in advance to get BTC.
Face-to-face transactions, escrow procedures, MT 103/202 financial instruments and similar with blocking etc. these are just the fantasies of cheats who are looking for suckers at Petrofinder.com to steal BTC.

>> Mr. Daniel Steeves, Steeves Solutions

Words of Warning

To anyone with an interest in buying or selling btc / etc, these are the scams to be aware / afraid of:

- anyone with offers requiring that you send first (fiat or crypto)
- anyone suggesting that IOLTA is applicable to a crypto deal
- anyone suggesting that registered, legitimate third party escrows are unsafe
- anyone suggesting that a screenshot as PoF or PoH is proof in any way (it is not: evren if the screenshots are real they are subject to change in seconds)

This board is full of illegitimate sellers - and buyers too, I am sure - who have been flinging abuse at me for questioning their questionable approaches to transactions.

Basically, any deal that leaves you in the control of the other party is bound to be a bad or non-real deal.

Take caution. I could list emails that I have come across today but rather than take it public just feel free to send me a message with your deal terms and I will tell you if you should go ahead / be cautious / run away (it is always one of the 3)

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