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Venezuela Bond Monetization 25% LTV
 Here are the items that will be needed:

Current dated documents
All data in KYC no separate attachments.
1. Ready, Willing and Able Letter
2. Certificate of Ownership
3. Bank Confirmation Letter
 4. Declaration of Assignment
 5. Proof of Life picture. Client hold copy of Passport and newspaper and all Bank of Venezuela docs and two Bank Officers Business Cards.
6. Euroclear Pages

(1) Lender and Borrower sign this Loan contract agreement and return to the Lender with Details of Issuing Bank Borrowers KYC, Corporate Registration, Passport copy BOND verbiage and RWA Letter addressed to the client from his bank. This DOA automatically becomes a full commercial recourse contract. See below for documents needed.

(2) The Borrower will also advise the opening of the window time to send Brussels Swift MT799/MT760/542 or Euclid of the BOND Standard verbiage latest edition. The Sending Bank Officer must officially email a copy of the MT799/ MT760/542/Euclid transmission report to the receiving Bank Officer with a copy to the above.

(3) Within Two (2) banking days Borrowers Bank will send the Swift MT799. Lenders bank will respond with Swift MT799 ready to accept and fund. Borrowers Bank will then send Brussels Swift MT760/542/Euclid an unconditional BOND valued at (000,000,000.00 EURO),

(4) Upon receipt of the BOND via above is received and authenticated by Lenders bank a NON-RECOURSE LOAN (000,000,000.00) (TBA % LTV) will be paid via SWIFT MT103 WIRE TRANSFER to the nominated account(s) of the borrower within the stipulated working days below. After the HARDCOPY will be sent to the lenders bank within next 7 banking days. Other Blocking procedures may be used as agreed to by the parties such as DTC.

(5) The Lender has the right to assign this Agreement.

(6) Third Party communication such as telephone calls, emails or any other communication is strictly prohibited with the Receivers Banker. Only Bank Officer to Bank Officer communication is acceptable and permitted.

Direct mandate/owners should contact; hms.associatetrade@gmail.com
 Contact Information
Company   Member : HMS LIMITED 
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Tel   +2348145612714 
Fax   23418653745 
Mobile   +2348145712714 

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