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Bitcoin (BTC) - Sale up to discount -50% gross... 2022-08-13
Dear Sir/Madam

Send me procedures step by step or draft Agreement Sell + Buy 500 bitcoin, please.

Best Regards
Email: bpfinancial@gmx.com
Mobile +1(713)243-1510

>> Direct Seller BTC, Continent Invest

Bitcoin (BTC) - Sale up to discount -50% gross...

Bitcoin (BTC) Sale with discount -50% gross --> the only real and such exclusive offer in the world.

This is not a joke !
This is just a real and seroius Bitcoin sale !

On the regulated market (exchanges, platforms and exchange offices with cryptocurrencies) there are daily transaction limits of up to 15.000 EUR and it would take several years for seller's to sell a large volume of Bitcoin, therefore, selling BTC without daily limits is only possible on the over-the-counter (OTC) market, directly from the seller.

The discount -50% gross for buyer will be available until the end of the Sale all Bitcoin, regardless of the price BTC on Blockchain.com, and it is not a SCAM, because in the over-the-counter (OTC) market, owner/seller BTC can legally set their own selling price cryptocurrency BTC.

MY POST: update August 12, 2022
* This post/offer will cancel all my previous BTC sales announcements.

Dear Sir/Madam

Renowned company financial from Poland (European Union) due to the closure of the cryptocurrency trading business, will urgently sale small and large amounts of Bitcoin obtained from legal investment activities.

The buyer of BTC can be both a private company and a natural person.
The seller BTC are not interested in who the buyer is, as long as the buyer accepts the seller's procedures.

Transactions one single between 1 BTC - 10.000 BTC available.
We prefer single transactions value 100-300 Bitcoins.
Single transactions can be repeated if Bitcoins are available.
Building trust is about starting from small deals, not from wholesale transactions deals !

Price 1 BTC: course on Blockchain.com minus net discount.

Discount for Buyer: -50% gross / -35% net
Commission for Intermediaries: 15%
Seller side: 7,5% (open)
Buyer side: 7,5% (open)
NB. The commission of the intermediaries is paid by the Seller via wallet BTC or wire transfer.

This offer is only available for serious buyers as the Owner/Seller Bitcoins needs urgent cash to take care of some financial business obligations.
Only serious buyers should bother to contact us, because we don't not have time for fake offers buy BTC.

NB: In cryptocurrency trading, the buyer always moves first and this rule applies all over the world.
Bitcoins (BTC) are a virtual currency and they will be transferred from seller Bitcoin wallet to buyer Bitcoin wallet after only receiving the payment (currency: EUR/USD) via International wire bank transfer (SWIFT) or European wire bank transfer (SEPA SCT).

Method of transaction: anonymously (without KYC) or with partys verification KYC (required: CIS, Passport and Agreement SPA).

Metode of realization transactions KYC, which is valid all over the world:
Remotely via the Internet (100% online).

Standard Procedures:
1. SPA agreement or anonymous transaction
2. Payment to the seller (bank wire transfer)
3. BTC to buyer's wallet
4. Commission to intermediaries (if they participate in the transaction).
Seller's procedures are standard and Are Non-negotiable.

NB. The seller BTC is real and does not accept SCAM:
* No Flashing BTC.
* No videocall procedure.
* No procedure Escrow.
* No test Satoshi.
* No test online: A+B/B+A.
* No fake POF.

The offer is only for serious buyers who have their own funds for this type of investments and who know the realities of risky investments.

You do not accept the seller's procedure - do not write ..
Let's respect our time ...

Do not write if you do not know the standard procedures that apply when buying BTC directly from the seller on Over The Counter Market (market OTC), i.e. without platforms, exchanges and exchange offices with cryptocurrencies.

Thanks & Best Regards
Direct Owner/Seller BTC
eMail: andreytrade@continentinvest.eu

NB. I am not responsible for the actions of scammers: mandates/brokers/intermediaries/agents spreading my BTC sale offer without my consent.
I sell bitcoin directly and do not hide behind mandates and stupid intermediaries.
Cooperation with an intermediary is possible only when he has a real buyer ready for an immediate transaction.

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