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STOP SCAM !!! 2021-12-22
* Not escrow.
(1) In the trading of digital currency, except for Bitcoin trading platforms, escrow conditional payments are not applicable.
(2) Payment through an escrow account of an external agent means that the seller has not received money, so he will not spend BTC on the buyer's or agent's wallet.
(3) Payment must reach the salesperson's bank account and the seller must have access to this money before issuing Bitcoins to the buyer's wallet.

The third party escrow agent may turn out to be a scammers that will disappear after receiving the money and BTC from the seller and buyer.
Banks are not involved in illegal transactions therefore no genuine seller sells Bitcoin with escorw procedures due to the high risk of fraud on the part of the buyer and third party escrow agent.

Only scammers and thieves want to buy BTC via procedures escrow so it should be understood that you are the helper of scammers and thieves ?

Via escrow procedures, you can buy legal and reals goods such as Reddbull, sugar or condoms in bulk, but you won't even buy 1 BTC via escrow directly from the seller.

>> Mr. Constantin Milea, Independent Consultant


We have real BTC buyers, a bank and other private buyers.

They purchase only upon the below terms:

1. Amounts up to 1 million; and maybe more;

2. Minimum acceptable net discount to buyer - 4% - 5%, no less;

3. Transaction procedure only Escrow to Escrow, the only safe and effective procedure for both a real seller and real buyer;

3. Buyer's side is closed so all the facilitators who introduce the seller must be in the seller's side;

4. After we receive the draft SPA (specifying the E to E procedure and name of seller's escrow agent) + FPA for reviewal, a CC of buyer's attorney or escrow agent with the seller/wallet owner must take place; without the CC none of our buyers proceeds.

Waiting for serious and verifiable offers at: dancorax@gmail.com.

 Contact Information
Name   Mr Albrecht Meier 
Company   ISEP GMBH 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +49 221 7896**** 
Fax   +49 221 7896**** 
Mobile   +49 174 978**** 

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