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200 k bitcoin available 2021-12-22

Price discount 6/3

Procedure Vi
Escrow to Escrow transaction. Each escrow to escrow transaction will proceed in the following manner: *Buyer to choose a well-known Tier 1 law firm:

1. Contract filled, signed (may start with POF/POC prior if desired); Escrow Agreement filled and signed.
2. POF (recent bank statement, mt199, BCL, LoA from reputable lawfirm, etc)
3. POC (satoshi, wallet ab, flexible to other suggestions)
4. Funds sent to Buyer escrow (BEA); BTC sent to Seller escrow (SEA)
5. BEA sends funds to SEA; SEA sends BTC to BEA
6. Funds and BTC validated by escrow agents, then released to each respective party
7. Commissions to be paid
8. Repeat 4-7 for remaining tranches

joker buyer stay away please


 Contact Information
Name   Mr. johnson patrick 
Company   Member : finance consulting ltd 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +33456656689 
Fax   +33476544448 
Mobile   +33644555690 

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