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[SELLING] : Bitcoins (BTC) available with a discount of -15% gross... 2021-12-13
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Hello everyone

Renowned company financial from Poland (European Union) sells small and big volume of Bitcoins (BTC) with a discount of -15% gross /-9% net.

Buying BTC online (remotely via the Internet and email) directly from the seller = always high discount - all direct buyers and profesjonal inmediateres who buy BTC outside the regulated market know it !
Selling BTC directly from the seller is not the same as earning on the cryptocurrency to cash exchange rate, so read the posts carefully and then you will know whether you are dealing with a BTC sale offer and a high discount or only with a cryptocurrency exchange and a low discount !

For new customers / buyers of BTC, single BTC sell transactions are available only in the range:
* minimum 0.5 BTC
* max 300 BTC
Transactions above +300 BTC available only to our regular and verified customers / buyers, who bought a minimum of 100 BTC in trial transactions.

* Discount to buyer: -15% gross / -9% net.
* Commission to inmediateres: 6% (3% open + 3% open)
* Price BTC: price market minus net discount
* Payment method:
SWIFT MT103 Direct Bank Wire Transfer
SEPA (SCT) - standard european bank transfer (Iban to Iban)
* Payment in EUR or USD

Standard procedure:
* Contract Signed (via email)
* Invoice from seller to buyer (via email)
* Funds to seller (only international or european direct bank wire transfer)
* Bitcoins to buyer (via wallet BTC within 45 minutes upon receive of payment from the buyer)
* Commission to inmediateres (via wallet BTC after completing the transaction with the buyer).

The seller BTC is real and does not accept SCAM:
*Not Flashing BTC.
*Not videocall procedure.
*Not procedure Escrow.
*Not test Satoshi.
*Not test A+B/B+A.
*Not transaction face-to-face (F2), because the seller is legitimate company and not involved in money laundering. All transactions (selling-buying BTC) must be documented in the form of invoices and payment by bank wire transfer.

Do not write if you do not know the standard procedures that apply when buying BTC directly from the seller on Over The Counter Market (OTC), i.e. without platforms, exchanges and exchange offices with cryptocurrencies.

Looking only for very serious buyers.
Cooperation with an intermediary is possible only when he has a real buyer ready for an immediate transaction.
Opportunity - I encourage you to invest in Bitcoins - by the end of 2022 ----> 1 BTC will reach a price of $USD 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand).

Thanks & Regards
Andrey - Direct Seller
eMail: andreytrade@continentinvest.eu
eMail: continent.invest@post.com

 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Andrey P. 
Company   Member : ContinentInvest 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +48 505908*** 
Fax   N/A 
Mobile   +48 505908*** 

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