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we are receiver for POS, MT103 GPI and cash wire transfer 2021-11-24
I am looking for Loader/Cardholder/Sender/Provider who work at funds transaction. Our receiver channels are:

POS Offline / Online. (we want loader and cardholder)
Cash wire transfer / TT. (cash by bank front desk)
MT103 GPI direct cash transfer. (sender bank or swift.com to our receiver bank)
L2L tranche (BO to BO)
MT103 202 MD (MD from sender bank server only)
IPIP (receiver bank procedure only)
SBLC / Bank Draft

We are also looking for a cash owner for USD500M to work for our project for Trigger up USD used notes in Hong Kong.

We can work with sender who need to disappear but must follow our terms and procedure. Our receiver account can work at any amount at Billion and Trillion Euro / USD currency. Also can work at banker to banker e-mail or phone call or MT199 to confirm ability. Loaders and Senders are also welcome. Please contact Ben at hongkongben@126.com to arrange your transaction.
 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Ben Wong 
Company   Member : Po Yee Ind 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +852 00000000 
Fax   +852 00000000 
Mobile   +852 9445655 

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