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Acquisition of Financial Instruments(BG,SBLC),Loans & Monetizing Facilities 2021-03-14
PFIG Espana is a modern day dynamic finance boutique and we collaborate with good entrepreneurs and business persons that are willing to present profitable and secure investment projects that require funding in countries with growing economies around the world and emphasis on location and environs. We also directly and efficiently provide Bank Guarantees (BGs),Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and other Financial Instruments and have the facilities to monetize any financial instrument. Our BG/SBLC Financing can help you get your project funded, by providing you with yearly renewable leased bank instruments. We work with reputable project/general business facilitators who possess very cogent business ideas for either start-ups or running ventures that may require a financial boost. Sectors like the hospitality, oil and gas, agriculture, health, engineering, tourism, real estate, manufacturing, arts, and other high profit business ventures are the areas of focus for investment. If you are interested in seeking to raise finance for your business/projects in this way or have instruments that you need to monetize, please contact me for more information.

Maria Ramirez
 Contact Information
Name   Mrs. Maria Ramirez 
Company   Member : Project Funding and Investment  
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +34-910-831-981 
Fax   +34-917-918-702 
Mobile   +34-602-181-881 
Web   www.pfigespana.com 

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