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50 Bitcoins (BTC) for sale --> F2F or TTM or ONLINE .. 2021-02-22
Download the attached file : btc_bitcoin.jpg
File Name   btc_bitcoin.jpg
File Type   image/jpeg
File Size   166006 bites
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I will directly sell 50 BTC with a discount of -25% net for the buyer.
I am looking for a serious and solvent buyer of 50 BTC.
The very good price for BTC is offered only to the buyer who will buy and pay for 50 BTC in one single transaction without tranches and test transaction.

If you or your customer / buyer want to buy less than 50 BTC (minimum 1 BTC) then you will get a discount of only -7% gross / -5% net.

One of three (3) methods transactions to choose from:

Option #1. Face-to-face (F2F) - payment only cash (currency PLN).
Place of transaction: Seller's company office in Warsaw/Poland (Europe).
Only direct transaction: seller + buyer without intermediaries (0% commission).

Option #2. TTM (F2F + B2B) - payment (currency PLN) only by national immediate bank transfer.
Place of transaction: Bank Handlowy SA in Warsaw/Poland (Europe).The Buyer must have a bank account in currency PLN in the same bank branch as the Seller.
Only direct transaction: seller + buyer without intermediaries (0% commission).

Option #3. Online KYC or None-KYC - payment (currency EUR or USD) only by International or European bank wire transfer or PayPal to PayPal [100% payable in advance].
Place of transaction: WorldWide - remotely via the Internet/eMail (online).
Direct transaction: seller + buyer or with the participation of intermediaries (5% commissions).

Seller's procedures are standard. There are no other procedures in trading crypto on market OTC.

Release of BTC to buyer's wallet upon receipt of payment.
Transaction security: SPA contract or Invoice on any services or goods / products.
The offer is only for serious buyers who have their own funds for this type of investments and who know the realities of risky investments.
You do not accept the seller's procedure - do not write ..
Let's respect our time ...
Very important:
I have a BTC wallet at Blockchain.com with a balance of 309 BTC but I only want to sell 50 BTC to one buyer.
Please, don't not send me Bitcoins buy offers other than quantity 50 BTC.

I sell my own Bitcoins, which I bought for investments in 2011-2013, for which I paid several hundred dollars (USD) for 1 BTC, so I'll earn a lot anyway by selling 50 BTC with such a big discount for the buyer.
I am not greedy and I can afford to sell 50 BTC cheaply which means that my discount (-25% net) is fixed and does not change with the floating BTC rate on Blockchain.com

I don't not sell BTC over the phone, Skype or WhatsApp!
Contact only via Messages/eMail:



Anonymous Intermediarie, before you write to me, read and understand my post.
I have received over one hundred (100) email from anonymous intermediaries who said they had a customer/buyer ready for an instant transaction.
Everyone lied.
Anonymous intermediaries only ask for test Satoshi and CIS and they disappear meaning all intermediaries on the internet are collectors of procedures and scans of passports or ordinary scammer and thieves who, under the pretext of buying BTC, steal personal, banking data and none of them have a dusiness deal with a real and credible buyer BTC.
Anonymous Intermediaries without a real buyer BTC please don't write and not waste the serious salesperson's time.
 Contact Information
Name   Mr Thomas . 
Company   CRYPTO 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +4822------------ 
Fax   +4822------------ 
Mobile   +4850552x14x 

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