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Available Bitcoins (BTC) in good price.. 2021-01-12
Download the attached file : btc(bitcoin).jpg
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Hello everyone,

I offer selling Bitcoins (BTC) remotely via the Internet (online) - only market OTC (Over The Counter Market) - REAL OFFER ==>
Trading BTC on the market OTC is only direct transactions between natural persons (seller + buyer) without the participation of platforms, exchanges and exchange offices.

Minimum single tranche: 1 BTC.
Maximum single tranche: 1500 BTC.
Price BTC: daily buying rate on blockchain.com minus net discount.
Discount for the buyer: 12-19% gross
Commission for inmediateres: 3-7% net
The amount of the discount and commission depends on the amount of BTC purchased.

Only unconditional standard (International/Foreign, National or European) bank wire transfer directly from buyer's bank account to seller's bank account.
Currency: EUR, USD or PLN.

Confirmation of bank wire transfer with payment for BTC
SPA - standard Bitcoins sale and purchase agreement
Agreement Loan Private
only Confirmation of bank wire transfer with payment for BTC.

Millions of people around the world have been buying Bitcoin this way since 2009 and these are standard procedures !
There are no other safeguards for illegal Bitcoin purchases over EUR 15,000.

VERIFICATION: POF and POC is not mandatory, because trading cryptocurrencies is based on trust and not absurd verifications (test Satoshi or test A+B/B+A = SCAM)
If the BTC buyer requires POC from the seller, then he must first send to seller a credible bank POF and additionally prove that he is the owner of the bank account and that the funds on his account are not from money laundering, prostitution, trafficking arms or drug.

WAY OF IMPLEMENTATION: remotely via the Internet (online).
Buyer always move first for bitcoin transaction and it's the standard procedure, as the Bitcoin network does not roll back transactions after confirmation.
The money must reach the seller's bank account, without blocking funds so that Bitcoins can be delivered to the Buyer's Wallet.
Buyer can report & get his funds back since you'll be paying to a personalized bank account but seller can't get his coin back if buyer disappeared after getting coin first.
Only every scammer and thief would like to receive Bitcoins before payment.

Opportunity - I encourage you to buy & invest in Bitcoins because in 2021/2022 price 1 BTC will reach $ 600K.

Preferred direct serious buyers who know the rules of BTC trading outside platforms and exchanges (only market OTC).

We work with intermediaries if they have a specific offer to buy BTC and a buyer ready for the transaction (you don't have a buyer - don't write - let's respect our time).

We provide a professional fast service and look forward to doing business with you.

We do not sell BTC via WhatsApp messenger !
Contact via email: thomastrade.eu@gmail.com
Important information for people who have no experience in trading Bitcoins:

1) Legally, BTC can be purchased on the regulated market (platforms, exchange offices and exchanges) but only up to the amount of 15,000 euros per day.
Some platforms provide an escrow account for transactions.

2) Above 15,000 euros, you can buy BTC in any amount but only outside the regulated market, i.e. directly from the seller.
The rules for trading Bitcoin outside the regulated market are high risk as the buyer has to pay in advance by bank transfer to receive BTC.
Buying BTC over the market OTC means that the only form of payment is standard (national, foreign or European) bank wire transfer, because
Bitcoin trading outside the regulated market is illegal and relies heavily on trust between buyer and seller as banks are not officially involved in illegal transactions.
Cryptocurrency trading over the market OTC is based on simple procedures:
the buyer pays bank wire transfer directly from buyer's account to seller's account and the seller sends the BTC to the buyer's wallet after receiving the payment.
Only scammers come up with absurd procedures and verifications and spoil any real transaction, because illegal transactions cannot be carried out with procedures: SBLC, bank guarantees, escrow and conditional SWIFT (MT103/72 or MT103/202).
Transactions face-to-face (F2) or TTM (F2F + B2B) in the country and the bank of the buyer = SCAM 100%

 Contact Information
Name   Mr Thomas . 
Company   Member : Seller BTC 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +4822------------ 
Fax   +4822------------ 
Mobile   +4850552x14x 

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