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FAKE OFFER !!!!! BTC Sell Offer - for Cash! 2019-08-11
Download the attached file : stop_the_scammers.jpg
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Warning for Bitcoin buyers.

Barcelona in Spain = country in Europe / European Union.
In Europe, legal face-to-face transactions (TTMs) and cash payments can only take place up to an amount of EUR 15,000 per day.
All legal transactions over 15,000 EUR must be finalized only by bank transfer from the buyer's account to the seller's BTC account.
These are legal provisions throughout the European Union.
Only fraudsters from Nigeria can submit such FAKE offers.
Buyers of Bitcoins will fly to Spain with millions of banknotes EUR or USD in a suitcase and there they will lose money and life.
Bitcoins should be legally and securely purchased only remotely via the Internet.
If the buyer pays for Bitcoin by bank transfer and does not receive BTC then he reports to the Police that he has been cheated and robbed.
With the help of the police and the court he will recover his money and will not lose his life.
BTC face-to-face (TTM) sales and cash payments are another Nigerian scam involving robbing people of money under the pretext of selling Bitcoins.

Mr. Larry JamesJohns, Delta Gold LLC = SCAMMER !!!!

>> Mr. Larry JamesJohns, Delta Gold LLC

BTC Sell Offer - for Cash!


BTC Sell Offer - for Cash

Bitcoin for sale with payment by Buyer in CASH (Euros or USD).

Quantity: First/Trial tranche = 30 BTC
2nd and subsequent tranches = 100 BTC per day MAXIMUM
No limit to number of daily tranches.

Location: Barcelona, Spain (in Seller's office)

Price: Latest Market price (published in bitfinex.com) on closing date
Plus a negotiable PREMIUM

Payment: CASH

1. Buyer rep & Seller rep negotiate and agree on TERMS (Price, Quantity, Location and Procedure).
2. Buyer confirms aceptance of TERMS and readiness to issue LOI.
3. Seller rep provides Seller name for Buyer to issue specific LOI.
4. Buyer issues LOI to Seller reflecting all agreed TERMS (including this Transaction Procedure).
5. Seller accepts Buyer's LOI and Seller signs IMFPA to pay broker commissions.
6. Buyer sends email to Seller advising TIME and DATE of ARRIVAL in Barcelona, Spain,
to execute First/Trial tranche of 30 BTC.
7. Table Top Meeting (TTM) in Barcelona, Spain between Buyer and Seller to close/execute the First/Trial tranche.
At this TTM:
7.1. Buyer puts Cash on table as Proof of Funds (POF).
7.2. Seller shows wallet screenshot as Proof of Coin (POC).
7.3. Seller transfers BTC direct to Buyer's wallet.
7.4. Both parties wait in place till Bitcoin blockchain issues minimum four (4) BTC-transfer confirmations before departure.
7.5. Seller SWIFTs broker commissions to broker-nominated Paymasters.
7.6. Next tranche TTM set up. Repeat Step 7.1 to Step 7.6 till contract completion

Seller checks all currency to ensure legal tender using state-of-the-art Cash-counting machines.
Buyers thinking of paying with counterfeit currency are advised in their own interests to stay away to avoid bad consequences.

Interested end-Buyers or their direct Representatives ONLY should contact Seller Rep at:
WhatsApp Number: +1 (443) 447-5352

or Email: deltagoldllc@gmail.com

or Skype: deltagoldllc

 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Francois P 
Company   Member : FP 
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Tel   +32 (0) 2647**** 
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