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Bitcoins (BTC) for sale. 2019-08-07
Download the attached file : bitcoin_btc.jpg
File Name   bitcoin_btc.jpg
File Type   image/jpeg
File Size   68675 bites
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Hello everyone ...

I am a miner (crypto) and owner/direct seller of Bitcoins (BTC).
I sell Bitcoins (BTC) privately.
I offer Bitcoins (BTC), a virtual peer-to-peer currency, not a physical coin.
It's an attractive, serious and real offer.

* Selling Bitcoins (BTC) only online. Not TTM. Not face-to-face. Not escrow.
Bitcoins is a virtual currency and you can only buy from me remotely via the Internet.
* Payment method: Bank-to-bank transfer / only unconditional wire bank transfer: International (SWIFT), European (SEPA), National (ELIXIR, SORBNET) or PayPal to PayPal, Skrill to Skrill ...
No possibility of conditional payments - seller BTC is a private person and not a company.
* Currency: EUR, USD, PLN.
* Limits: min 5 BTC max 5000 BTC (max limits depends on the BTC rate).
A single unconditional bank wire transfer can not exceed the equivalent of $ 50M.
* Price /1 BTC: daily buying rate on blockchain.info minus discount.
* Discount (5-49 BTC): -6% gross (net 4/2)
* Discount (50+ BTC): -12% gross (net 8/4)
* Form of transaction:
(1) with verification and security - SPA contract (is concluded for each single transaction).
Step 1. Buyer send Bitcoins Purchase Order + Passport + bank statement/POF (Proof of Funds).
Not Video! Only JPG or PDF attachment to eMail.
After the implementation of one SPA contract, we can repeat the transaction if Bitcoins are available.
I sell BTC on an ongoing basis without a long-term SPA contract for wholesale quantities in tranches.
(2) anonymously on the basis TRUST.
Step 1. Buyer send only Bitcoins Purchase Order and BTC Wallet address.

The purchase transaction of Bitcoins is similar to buying BTC in virtual exchange offices with cryptocurrencies.
The buyer moves first.
No seriuos seller send BTC first !
The difference is that in exchange offices with cryptocurrencies there are limits up to the amount of 15,000 euros per day.
My offer is an attractive alternative to virtual exchange offices, because you can buy up to 5000 BTC a day.

I am looking for only very serious and real buyers Bitcoins.
Possible cooperation with consultants/intermediarie/agents/mandate buyer provided they have a specific customer (real buyer Bitcoins).
Collectors of procedures without a specific buyer BTC do not write and do not waste my time !

I am work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, provide a professional fast service and look forward to doing business with you .

If you are interested in any genuine and realistic transactions, feel free to contact me only via email:


Thanks & Regards
 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Andy K. 
Company   Member : Andy_trade 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   +48507541010 
Fax   +48--------------- 
Mobile   +48--------------- 

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