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20000 BTC FOR SALE 2019-03-06
Seller is dealing Via DUBAI TO DUBAI BANK or via any other bank buyer chooses but it must be same Country bank to same country bank for instant crediting and confirmation, whereby within 30 minutes of buyer crediting seller and buyer doesnt receive bitcoin immediately after confirmation of buyer funds, buyer would reverse the transaction. Thats a fair deal. Upon successful delivery of the 100btc test buyer and seller can make payment for the remaining 2900 same day. Seller pays 2% commission to intermediary.
We offer a discount For Tranche of 500 Btc at 0%, 900 btc to 600 at 2% and Transaction of 1000 at 3% and 3000btc above which is the maximum at 5% discount.
Procedure: Seller Provides Screenshot of Balance and Xpub key for verification and due diligence, Buyer receives and sign Document and provide Additional Document For Verification, Buyer Chooses a Due date and buyer do his Due diligence of Getting Report of seller Authenticity and ability to complete the transaction Via Skype call, upon Buyer successful confirmation of Seller Authenticity, Buyer makes a Cash payment in Favor of seller Bank, Upon seller confirmation of buyer fund within 30 minutes seller Transfers Bitcoin to Buyers Designated Bitcoin address in the Contract, Failure of seller to credit buyer at due time will lead to Charges and Interest being paid to buyer after reversal. Seller doesnt do face to face deal for bitcoin, for the discount seller maximum Discount is at 5% for Transaction of 3000btc to 20000btc as that it is the only available quantity available for now.
Seller work on daily market price.
Note: Seller doesn't do Escrow. Or satoshi deals are it is a waste of time. This procedure is non negotiable.
Per your Questions: i am the Mandate to the seller, and i can confirm that seller has bitcoin.
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Name   Mr. Mark smith 
Company   Member : Markson LLC 
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Tel   +17864801288 
Fax   7864801288 
Mobile   +17864801288 

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