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How to tell who is what in Gold "Offers" 2021-03-18
How to tell who is what in Gold "Offers"

1)Anyone who says,and by extension anyone who says his/her buyer will pay at the refinery or entry port and Finaly Assay means the buyer doesnt have funds.They are just lucky enough to have an account with the Refinery.So you put in all your effort and funds to take the gold up to the refinery door.Often times this deal delays beyond the timeframe the so called buyer gives.Often times it ends in frustrations on the end of the seller.If you are a seller stay away from them

In the above category is also those who have creditlines with some big banks.So they present the eveidence of physical gold to activate a creditline.Its done at the top level,but it doesnt always work out.

2)Those who offer to travel to the sellers country,pay for physical gold,test and clear the taxes for themselve.These are the legit ones.But they always face the problem of the category below

3)Those with "Large Quantities" of gold at huge discounts:These are almost always fake.There is no Gold Miner large or small,institutional or Artisan that doesnt know the price of Gold or who doesnt know a way to get his Gold to the right market.So ask yourself,why would such a person give such incredible discounts?They play around with the buyer take him through hoops and hurddles and make off with some of his funds at the end with no product...almost always!The exception are:

4)Money laundering and terrorist activities.The ones who fall under this category,they can offer huge discounts and still deliver because they are either using the gold to clean dirty money or they have illigal mines that fund their terrorist activities.As buyer you can deal with these and come out with your product,but often times it catches up with you in the future

5)There is another category of buyers who are willing to follow the "sellers" requirements.They agree to send some upfront fees here and there and to deal with "authorities".Bless them,these are genuine people trying to do business.Their downfall is always,they are dealing with people of less caliber,and usually the "authorities" they are dealing with are not the AUTHORITIES.

So,you guys who have offers here,which category are you?
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