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We have the Scrap metals HMS 1&2 for sale @ affordable price 2018-07-10
Download the attached file : HMS-1-HMS-2-METAL-SCRAP-.png
File Name   HMS-1-HMS-2-METAL-SCRAP-.png
File Type   image/png
File Size   92279 bites
Click the Image to see the Original size.
Specifications of HMS No. 1 Heavy Melting Steel Scrap

Scrap lots will be non-oily, non-burnt and not attacked by acids or rusted through… Deposit of rust admitted.
General Description:
Wrought iron and steel scrap prepared in a manner to insure compact charging.
ISRI 200: Maximum size of the scrap to be 60 x 24 inches [ 1524 mm x 609,6 mm ] in length and width.
ISRI 201: Maximum size of the scrap to be 36 x 18 inches [ 914,40 mm x 457,2 mm ] in length & width.
ISRI 202: Maximum size of the scrap to be 60 x 18 inches [ 1524 mm x 457,2 mm ] in length and width.
Unless otherwise clearly offered by us, all scrap lots called as HMS No. 1 offered by us shall cover all 3 ISRI grades indicated above on size vise.
Scrap to be 1/4 inch [ 6,35 mm ] and over in thickness.
Maximum piece weight cannot exceed 1102,31 pounds [ 500 kg. ], however, a tolerance of 1 % to apply for any lot.
Minimum piece weight cannot be less than 2,20462 pounds [ 1 kg. ] However, a tolerance of 1 % to apply for any lot......
Impurities [Cleanness]:
Steel scrap shall be free of dirt, nonferrous metals, or foreign material of any kind, and excessive rust and corrosion. However the terms "free of dirt, nonferrous metals or foreign material of any kind" are not intended to preclude the accidental inclusion of the negligible amounts where it can be shown that this amount is unavoidable in the customary preparation and handling of this steel grade.
A tolerance of maximum 0.75 % impurities to be acceptable for any lot traded by us.
Off-grade material:
The inclusion in the shipment of this grade iron and steel scrap shall be of a negligible amount of metallic material which exceeds to a minor extent the applicable size limitations, or which fails to a minor extent to meet the applicable requirements as to quality or kind of material, shall not change the classification of the shipment, provided it can be shown that the inclusion of such off-grade material is unavoidable in the customary preperation and handling of the grade involved.
Residual Alloys:
Wherever the term "free of alloys" is used in the classification given herein, it shall mean that any alloys in the steel are residual and have not been added for the purpose of making an alloy steel. Steel scrap shall be considered free of alloys when the residual alloying elements do not exceed the following percentages;
Copper ..................... 0,40 %
Nickel ................... 0,45 %
Chromium ............. 0,20 %
Molybdenum .......... 0,10 %
Manganese ............ 1,65 %
The combined residuals other than manganese and copper shall not exceed a total of 0,60 percent.
Any deviations from the general classification of Iron & Steel Scrap to be consummated by mutual agreement between we and the buyer.
Radioactivity & Ecological Specifications
All Iron & Steel Scrap lots we trade are Ecologically pure. Level of radioactivity contents are not exceeding the level of radiation allowed by the existing international norms to process the scrap for re-melting purposes.
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