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IRON ORE 2018-05-15
Dear Sir

Good day


It would be our great pleasure to collaborate with you for meeting the Iron Ore requirements of your buyers in China. We have strong expertise in Iron Ore due to our past experience in making shipments from India to China or any other country. Please see below for further details on our current sourcing arrangements:

Indian Iron Ore

We can facilitate export of low grade Iron Ore (Haematite with Fe of upto 58%) from Goa/Maharashtra (west coast of India). However, the earliest shipment can be made only after the end of the monsoon season which starts in June and will continue till end of October. We can also facilitate export of high grade Iron Ore (Haematite with Fe of 60% to 63%) from Odisha (east coast of India). However, please note that any export of Iron Ore from India with Fe content of more than 58% attracts a 30% export duty which would make such shipments slightly more expensive.

Chile Iron Ore

We are directly connected with a couple of mineowners in Chile that can make shipments of Magnetite Iron Ore (calibrated lumps with Fe content of 63%/62%/61%) on CFR basis to China. Attached to this email are (1) analysis report for Iron Ore that can be supplier from the first mineowner; and (2) extracts of an offer made by the second mineowner to one of our clients recently.

Other Iron Ore Sources
We have a working relationship with a company that has exclusive marketing rights for sale of high grade Australian Iron Ore (fines and lumps with Fe content of >60%) in India (and neighbouring countries) from one of the biggest miners in the world (Roy Hill). While we are unable to arrange offers for the Chinese and Korean markets from the aforementioned source (since the marketing rights are with a different outfit), if you have interested buyers from other countries we can evaluate the possibility of sourcing Iron Ore from this source.
From time to time, we receive offers for sale of Iron Ore of different grades and specifications from Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, Swaziland and Turkey. Depending on the specific requirements that you have, we can consider tapping these sources.
Iron Ore Pellets

We are able to source Iron Ore Pellets (Fe content of 64%) from India - shipments will be made from East Coast. We understand that there a big demand for Iron Ore Pellets in China (especially after the restrictions imposed by the government because of the pollution) and we can arrange competitively prices offers if you have interested buyers. Attached is a sample analysis report for Iron Ore Pellets.

We are also able to source Iron ore Pellets from Mexico

Do let us know if you have any queries or require any clarification or further information.

Best Regards
Capt Sukhdev

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Name   Capt Sukhdev Bhamra 
Company   Member : SNK Shipping 
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Tel   +91-8291239569 
Fax   +91-8291239569 
Mobile   +918291239569 
Web   www.linkedin.com/in/captsukhdev/ 

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