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Gold bars for sale 2018-05-14
Seller available with large quantity of gold bars. Below the seller procedures.

1. Seller send SPA to the buyer for review, the buyer on acceptance will sign and send back the SPA to the seller.

2. The seller within 2 banking days of receiving the SPA will arrange via an authenticated irrevocable, and operative swift MT760 bank guarantee from one of world's top bank to the buyer's bank in favour of the buyer as a performance guarantee bond as a security/ collateral for the buyer against his finance to the seller for the shipment expenses.

3. The buyer with two days of receiving and authenticating the MT760 BANK GUARANTEE swift, the buyer shall transfer cost of shipment to the seller for the payment of the taxes , freight, and documents for export to the buyer.

4. The seller shall deliver the first 50kg shipment within 15 banking days of receiving the cost of shipment from the buyer as agreed in the SPA.

5. The BG collateral from the seller will be fully operative and irrevocable in favor of the buyer, which thereby give the buyer 100% security for his finance to the seller.

6. If seller fail to deliver the first 50 kg shipment to the buyer's destination within 15 days of receiving funds from the buyer for shipment, the buyer buyer shall encash the BG collateral in favor of the buyer and pay the full BG amount to the buyer as agreed in the SPA.

Note. The seller is serious and have a good track record of performing, as a matter of fact this procedures are honest enough to assure any genuine buyer that no non-perfoming buyer will issue irrevocable swift MT760 BG, fully operative in favor of the buyer.
The seller's willingness to issue the BG first from one of world's top bank in security of the buyer before the buyer commit anything to the seller is another seller evidence that the seller is serious about his business.

Note that this seller has suffered a lot in the hands of the scammers who pretends to be buyers but have no capability to pay on delivery, as a result the seller adopt this unique and transparent procedures to the best interest of all parties.

The procedures are non negotiable.

Thank you
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