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LPG 2018-10-29
We current have the above product in the Russian port and can deliver to Houston and Rotterdam, looking for buyers world wide who are willing to acquire the product, my seller don't accept buyer's procedure, below is my seller's working procedure and he is very strict with it;
1. Buyer confirms soft corporate offer and issues ICPO.
2. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI) Company registration certificate and product Q&Q available in the seller's reservoir tank in Primorsk/ Ust-luga port.
3.Buyer signs and returns CI along with confirmation letter from tank farm and ATV.
4. Seller forward to buyer below PPOP
A. Statement of product availability from the ministry.
B. Authority to sell and collect (ATSC)
C. Export license.
D. Product passport.
5. Seller pays first two days of buyer's tank and buyer pays the remaining days.
6. Buyer issues seller TSR.Vessel(s) leave Russian port and arrive Rotterdam/Houston after 2-5 days.
7. seller immediately commence injection from the vessel to the buyer's tank after successful injection to buyer's tank, seller release;
A. Notarized commercial invoice;
B. Fuel injection report;
c. Dip test authorization letter (DTA)
d. Tank time sheet;
8. Upon a successful dip test buyer pays at sight via MT-103 or TT.
9. Seller pays commission within 48 hours by swift MT103 to all intermediaries as signed in the NCNDA/IMFPA.
10. Buyer signs one year contract with the seller
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