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LPG $320/$310 Russia 2018-09-24
We offer LPG of Russia.

September price : 

$ 320 gross / $ 310 net (MT)
Min 100,000MT per mount

The price includes the destination port and insurance for the CIF method (the price does not include tax).
No upfront payment 

CIF Procedure

1. buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order with Company Profiles include buyer scanned International Passport copy and Company Certificate Of Incorporation.

2. The seller issues Draft Contract Sales and Purchase Agreement Open for Amendments along with Seller Certificate of Incorporation.

3. both parties endorse the draft sales and purchase agreements seller registers and legalises the contract with the appropriate authorities (on saller's expenses). Also endorse the NCNDA / IMFPA all parties have signed.

4. Buyer issued Proof Of Fund MT799/MT199 and send to the seller bank

5. seller provides for buyer the following PPOP scanned copied documents by email:

  a. Certificate of origin issued by the Russian
  b. Chamber of Commerce
  c. Commitment to supply
  d. Passport of product (conducted in the refinery reservoir)
  e. Export license
  f. confirmation of the availability of product
  g. Tax clearance certificate

6. Veribge Commercial Invoice and SBLC / DLC / IRDLC or BG

7. Upon the agreement of the contract, seller and buyer bank opens communications and buyer issues non operative SBLC / DLC / IRDLC or BG to seller's bank of the total value of one shipment and seller of banks issues to buyers bank 2% bond of the total performance MT700 value to buyers to actived buyers SBLC / DLC / IRDLC or BG.

8. bank's after seller confirmation of buyer's SBLC / DLC / IRDLC / BG seller issues the following POP documents to buyer and send scanned copy to buyer secured email address:

  a. Fresh SGS result of the product
  b. Bill of lading
  c. Vessel 088
  d. Export license
  e. allocation certificate (Transaction Deal Passport)
  f. Tax Clearance Certificate
  g. Ministry of Energy Affidavit
  h. Cargo Manifest

9. shipment commences as scheduled in the sales and purchase agreement and once vessel gets to buyers discharge port, buyers performs quality and quantity tests (CIQ / SGS).

10. upon successful confirmation of buyers Q & Q results on the products, for each shipment, buyer makes full payment through MT103 / TT to seller's bank accounts within three (3) days of seller's invoice based on the outcome of the actual quantity delivered.

11. sellers pays all the intermediaries (sellers & buyers side) in the transaction the commission within 72 hours after full payment of the products from buyer through MT103 / TT

Mr. Adimas
Jakarta, Indonesia
Email dvrnland@gmail.com

 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Adimas Maulid 
Company   Member : DVRN Oil & Gas 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   8817032726 
Fax   - 
Mobile   8817032726 

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