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LPG Rotterdam FOB 98% PROPANE 2018-03-25
A fantastic petrochemical grade LPG with 98% Propane and 2% Butane. Buyer must be able to follow Escrow procedures for CIF deliveries and willing to split buy side commissions.

Commodity: LPG
Origin: Russia
Delivery: FOB Russian Port
Trial Qty: 50,000 MT
Contract Qty: 12 months + Rolls and Extensions
CIF Price: Gross US$320.00 / US$310.00 Net
Commission: US$10.00 - 50% SELLER SIDE (CLOSED) 50% BUYER SIDE (OPEN)

ESCROW CIF procedures

1. Buyer issue irrevocable corporate purchase order (ICPO) to the seller.
2. Seller issue proforma invoice with Sales purchase agreement (SPA). Buyers sign/seal the seller's SPA and send copy of the contract to seller in PDF format as final.
3. Subsequent to sign and seal of SPA. The Seller and buyer Deposit 5% with Escrow as a performance guarantee.
4. Subsequently, Seller ensures that the cargo is registered and programmed in buyers’ name. Seller provides cargo documents programmed in Buyer’s name for the loaded vessel which includes:
• Clean Ocean Bill of Lading, One (1) Original and three (3) copies.
• Seller’s Commercial Invoice, One (1) Original and three (3) copies.
• SGS/Saybolt Certificate of Quality and Quantity, One (1) Original and three (3) copies
• Certificate of Origin, One (1) Original and three (3) copies
• Cargo Manifest
• Charter Party Agreement
12359 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, Virginia 20191 USA
office +1 (571) 392-7992 and +1 (678) 744-5137 mobile
email: transendllc@mail.com Skype: emmanuel3063
Page 6
• Vessel Ullage report.
• Vessel Q88
5. Seller issues periodic NOR/ETA for the buyer to prepare clearance for seller’s vessel at Buyer’s POD. At POD, Seller’s Captain Issues a Marine ATB and invites Buyer’s inspectors to board seller’s loaded vessel, at buyer’s cost, to conduct Quality and Quantity at POE, and issue results to buyer and seller.
6. Upon satisfactory conduct of quality and quantity, Inspectors while aboard the seller’s vessel, issues report to both parties’ banks, buyer posts an MT103 in favor of seller. Payment is released to seller’s designated accounts and to all facilitators within 48 hours.
7. Upon confirmation of Buyer’s payment instrument Seller issues and transfers all appropriate cargo documents to Buyer bank along with the full proof of product documents as listed below;
A Bill of lading
B Certificate of origin
C Certificate of analysis Report
D Certificate of Q&Q (SGS or equivalent)
E Seller’s commercial invoice
F Vessel ullage report
G Cargo Manifest
H Title
8. Transaction is closed and next shipment is -rescheduled.
9. The Seller and the Buyer, including facilitators shall each be responsible individually for their banking charges relating to this Contract Agreement.
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Name   Mr. Damon Kelley 
Company   WildCreek Resources, LLC 
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Tel   4058195755 
Fax   9188109850 
Mobile   4058195755 
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