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REAL DIRECT REFINERY CONTACT. Jet Fuel, USDL, D2, Mazut, Bitumen LNG. LPG, Crude oil and more. 2017-11-29
To all direct buyer and Mandates.

We work with two major oil companies that are able to supply oil products for your clients. One is a major middle eastern government owned oil producer/refinery, they can supply from their own production, light and heavy crude, D2, Gasoline, LPG, CST-280 and 380, Base oils, Naphtha, Bitumen, Distiletes, and Condensates. We have also closed deals through this company for Libyan, Qatari and Iraqui crude oil.

Products such as LNG, Russian Crude oils, Jet fuel, D6, EN590, Mazut, and lubricants and others are considered "Exchange Products" by this company and are sourced from Russian government owned refineries and delivered to Rotterdam or Russian oil terminals. This company has many decades of government to government invesments and trade with Russia.

In order to secure product from this company, your end buyer must provide past performance documentation that certifies previous experience in the oil business.

Through direct contact with the oil Minister, we have been able to shortcut the purchasing process by conforming to the following procedure.

First, you advise us as the desired product type (including specifications), volume and length of contract (this does not need to be an LOI). Along with that information, we require that you send us a listing of the documents that your clients will be sending, not the documents themselves.

Second, we will confirm with the refinery that the documents listed are sufficient for them to do their Due Diligence on your clients/ End buyer (s).

Third, If they respond with the affirmative, we will then give you the contact information for the corporate office to whom the buyer shall send the listed documents and a complete LOI or ICPO for each product. (Understand that we are not asking you to send any documents to us save that when you are issued the SPA, you send us, through the buyer side chain, a signed and duly completed copy of the NDNC/IMPF agreement for each contract, which we will complete and send on to the seller. Also, all contractual documentation is only between buyer and seller).

Fourth. Seller will validate the documents and upon succcessful completion of their Due Diligence, send back to your client an official FCO and SPA for review and signature.

The process is very simple and fairly quick, this way you are not sending any private information to brokers or even mandates, no need for BCL or RWA. everything is direct with the end seller.

With good documentation, we have been able to close deals in 7 to 10 days.

The second option for oil products in Rotterdam from Russia and the US port of Houston is through a US based Major who has Joint Ventures with several russian refineries, they can also deliver to other russian ports.

The seller asks that you send us an official letter of acceptance to the procedure I´ve listed below. Once I receive that letter I will tell you who the end seller is and give you their contact information.

If they are not a large multinational oil company as I claim, your buyer can simply desist from any further contact. If they are satisfied with the end seller, they can then proceed as per the procedure.

Neither company asks for up front payment of any kind. If you are tired of fake SCO´s and shady brokers here is a chance to deal directly with refineries and end sellers,
both of which are top twenty oil producers.

Face to face meetings are possible with both sellers after the vetting process is completed.

The US Major has, in among other countries, offices in the US and Moscow. After the verification of funds or past performance has been completed, meeting in their offices can be arranged.

As I mentioned at the beggining, I have a working relationship with both companies but I do not represent either one. I do get a commission from the Middle Eastern oil company which leaves the buyers side fully open. However, that is not the case with the US Major and therefore I require a 25% buyer side commission if your buyers decide to go with them.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

I am currently based in Chile and also deal in copper, gold, and lithium salts.

NOTE:(This procedure only applies to the US Major mentioned above)


The Parties to this FCO agree to undertake to follow the procedure as set out below after mutually signing the FCO, and it is understood that if any Russian Authorities require any potential contractual procedures, both parties will mutually discuss any such proposed changes:

1.The Buyer’s Bank issues and transfers to the Sellers /Suppliers of Goods, via e-mail, a Banking Comfort Letter as confirmation of Buyer’s solvency for Contract on purchase of aviation kerosene grade JP54 in volume X million Barrels (or other product, this is a
template), as per simple verbiage in the Enclosure

2.After verification and probe of the Banking Letter the Seller issues the draft Contract to Buyer, whereby the draft is open for amendments. Upon coordination between Parties is completed the Contract is signed by both Parties and exchanged.

3.The Seller, within 7 (seven) working days after the date of receiving and verification of the confirmation on solvency of the Buyer will provide to the Buyer the Proof of Product. The structure of the Proof of Product should include the copies of documents confirming the readiness and ability of the Supplier to provide the production and delivery of the Goods in full as per Contract.

4.Within three (3) international banking days from the date the positive results of Proof of Product verification have been received, the Buyer provides the issuance of financial instrument, which is required for the financial security (provision) of the Contract. Buyer’s bank shall issue a MONTHLY REVOLVING DOCUMENTARY LETTER OF CREDIT (RDLC). The terms and conditions of the/this letter of credit shall be agreed between the Parties and their banks, and then confirmed in writing in the form of an enclosure to the Contract within stated guidelines.

5.The Seller provides to the Buyer documents and information, demanded for the organization and coordination of matters of acceptance-transfer of tanker lots of Goods.

6.The Parties agree with the detailed schedule of the first month of deliveries of the Goods.

7.Delivery commences as scheduled.

8.Upon delivery of contractually outlined discharge destination and successful independent Quality and Quantity Analysis reports, buyer shall immediately pay for product via MT 103.

9.When the Total Volume of the Cargo specified in the Contract will have been delivered, then within Fifteen (15) international banking days the Parties shall clear their mutual obligations as far as the value of all delivered Cargo and the face value of the mentioned above financial instruments are concerned.
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