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Prompted AGO Major Sellers Get LPOS Direct from the Users/end Buyers 2016-12-28
the we "by Gas Oil & AT" CJSC & quot; the AND OIL-BLIC the GAS "are direct would mandate to found here Various refineries in Russia and we deal in crude oil products such as with JP54, JPA1, Mazut, the D2, and a D6: others.
for We offer spot deals do and yearly contract and we do Also Provide the: best, service, quality of fast.
the Revert back to us for Our SCO's

name Loskutov yuriy

mail address an e: cjscblic-oilandgas@mail.ru
of skype name: Loskutov yuriy
Image phone number ': 79,633,098,254 .

>> Mr. MICHAEL LADESUYI, Mike Consult

Prompted AGO Major Sellers Get LPOS Direct from the Users/end Buyers

We are Direct to Buyers. For trucking and Marine

If Seller is GENUINE. Our procedures are INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. (No Upfront Payments)

If INTERESTED, we have 2 WAYS to go about it:

1. We Send you an EMAIL with Buyer's LPO & State his Product Request. And you will REPLY with OFFICIAL SCO or visit the delivery place , then Buyer REPLY with LOI if WORKABLE and we will provide IMPORTANT DOCS & PROVES as requested.

2. We would Send you an EMAIL with INQUIRIES, then, you will REPLY with COPY & PASTE Seller's TERMS & PROCEDURE and PRICE. Then answer some questions from Buyer(IF ANY), if WORKABLE Seller REPLY with SPA and seller will provide IMPORTANT DOCS & PROVES as requested.

Note: We do not discuss ONE deal for more than 72 Hours.

Any other ways of APPROACH apart from the 2 MENTIONED above will not be ENTERTAINED.

Hope to hear from you soon.


 Contact Information
Name    loskutov 
Company   Oil & Gas at “CJSC &​quot;BLIC-OIL AN 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   +79633098254 
Mobile   +79633098254 

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