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Quick Sale of JP54!!! (will be gone by Monday 7/22/2019) 2019-07-21
I have a great opportunity for JP 54

I will need an immediate answer on this asap today.
The fuel is in the seller's tank in Rotterdam NOW!!

Description of product: RUSSIAN GRADE JP54 JET AVIATION FUEL

Trial: 1 million barrels (available now and must be sold by Monday - July 22, 2019).
Contract: 5 to 10 million barrels monthly x 12 months
Price: -5 Gross / -3 Net (Per Barrel)

Note: The seller will allow the buyer SGS to Dip within the first 2 days of TSR paid for by the seller.

Transaction Procedures
1) Buyer issue ICPO containing the seller's working
procedure and tank storage agreement (TSA) and
Authorization to Verify (ATV).

2) Seller issues Commercial Invoice (CI) and
NCNDA/IMFPA., buyer sign and return commercial
invoice and NCNDA/IMFPA.

3) Buyer contact their tank farm to arrange two invoice,
one for Seller to pay for 2 storage days and the other one for
buyer to pay one storage day.

4) The payment reception confirmed by each via seller

5) Seller issues following POP documents to buyer:

a) Unconditional Dip test authorization letter (DTA)
b) Authorization to sell and collect (ATSC)

6) Buyer conducts SGS Dip Test at Sellers Tank.

7) Buyer makes the payment for the total value of product
injected into the tanks through the means of cash-TT.

8) Upon receipt of full payment from Buyer, Seller issue
ATS (authority to sell)with the related documents
of products to transfers the title of ownership to buyer
within one banking day. The Fuel will be transferred to buyer

9) All commissions shall be paid by the responsible
party/parties concerned as paymaster(s) to all related
intermediaries within 48 hours in accordance to the
signed NCNDA/IMFPA upon successful completion
of every delivery/shipment/transaction.

10) After the completion of the first trial lift, Buyer
and Seller will sign the annual contract for FOB
or TTO Rotterdam, the delivery volume will be
up to 5,000,000~10,000,000 monthly up to the
negotiated by both parties.

11) All parties related to this ICPO shall be not made
any outside third party confidential disclosure and no
party shall circumvent one another. The defaulting
party shall be liable to pay adequate compensation to
all others as per I.C.C.400/500/600.

Please reply ASAP!!!
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