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Jet Fuel colonial Grade 54 urgently needed FOB Rotterdam 2018-06-14

Dear Sir
Please see our procedure , THIS IS ONLY FOR SERIOUS TRUE BUYERS, if interested please contact so we issue the official SCO.


1. Buyer sends ICPO, Company Registration Certificate along with Buyer’s Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) as proof of storage availability to the seller for acceptance.

2. Seller signs Buyer's TSA as their Supplier and issues the Commercial Invoice (CI) to Buyer to sign, seal and return.

3. End seller issues NCNDA/IMFPA for all buyer parties to sign and return.

4. Seller issues the below POP Documents:
a. Tank Storage Receipt (T.S.R).
b. Statement of Product Availability.
c. Authorization to Verify (ATV) the Product from Seller’s Tank Farm.
d. Tank to Tank Injection Agreement (TTIA) to be endorsed by Buyer and Buyer’s Tank Operator Company.

5. Seller issues Unconditional DTA, Injection Report, and Fresh SGS to Buyer and Buyer conducts Quality Dip Test of the product at Seller tank-terminal, and then issue to the Seller Notice of Readiness to receive the fuel at the Buyer’s tank-terminal.

6. Seller commences delivery of the product to the Buyer’s tank terminal as per delivery schedule.

7. Buyer Conduct Quantity and Quality Dip Test after delivery of the product to the Buyer’s tank- terminal and then Buyer pays the Seller as per delivered quantity.

8. Seller release to the Buyer all relevant Documents relating to the exportation of the product and Seller transfers title of ownership to the Buyer.

9. Buyer makes payment by MT103 or TT wire transfer for the total product available, Seller release to the Buyer all relevant Documents relating to the exportation of the product. Seller pays all intermediaries involved in the transaction.

10. Seller and Buyer activate the one year contract (if need be). Seller pays commission within 48 hours by swift MT103 to all intermediaries as signed in the NCNDA/IMFPA.

Kindly let me know ASAP, so we make it official.


Muath Salem
International Business Development Consultant
Jeddah - KSA
Quraish Street, Bawadi Dist.
Jaffali Avenue
Building 93 , Second Floor , Office 4
Cell Phone & Whats App +966594968227
Tel-Fax +966126061984
Skype: Live:Muath.Salem_1

>> Mr. Josh Eke, Ajonnex Resources

Jet Fuel colonial Grade 54 urgently needed FOB Rotterdam

Pls only direct refinery mandates should contact me.

PRODUCT: Jet Fuel Colonial Grade 54
ORIGIN: Russia
QUANTITY: 2,000,000 barrels monthly
PRICE: Negotiable

PROCEDURES FOR FUEL IN SELLER’S TANKS (ROTTERDAM): 0. Seller sends SCO with specification 1. Buyer sends ICPO, CP & TSA to Seller. 2. Seller issues commercial invoice (CI) and Draft Contract, MFPA & ICC Warning Document to Buyer. Buyer Signs and returns to Seller. 3. Seller issues: i) Unconditional Dip Test Authorization for Q&Q ii) Fresh SGS Report iii)Tank Storage receipt iv)Injection Report v) Certificate of Origin vi)Authority to Sell and Collect/ATSC (from Title holder to Buyer) to Buyer. 4. Buyer order SGS to Conduct Dip test of the product in the Seller Tank on Buyer’s expense. 5. Upon successful dip test, Buyer provides vessel details or Tank details or take over in Seller’s lease tank, and Seller shall immediately submit the full Proof of Product (POP) to the Buyer. 6. Buyer pays for the liftable by MT103, against transfer ownership. 7. Deliveries commence as per contract

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Name   Mr. Muath Salem 
Company   Member : Enepro 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   +966594968227 
Fax   +966126061984 
Mobile   +966594968227 

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