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JP54 Real Buyer Available! Need Real Seller. 2018-06-12
Please the below procedure and advise if your client can deal.Upon acceptance we will send SCO addressed to buyer.NOTE seller is the title holder and does not work with buyer's procedure
Email. martbren2001 @gmail.com


1. upon acceptance of seller operational terms and procedure. Buyer Provides Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order & Tank Storage Agreement addressed to the seller representative.
2. Seller verify Tank Storage Agreement and issue commercial invoice to buyer, buyer countersign and return back commercial invoice to seller.
3. Upon the receipt of countersigned commercial invoice, Seller issue the below proof of product to buyer:
* Product passport (Analysis Report),
* Ocean Bill Of Lading,
* Q88.
4. Buyer provides Tank Receipt & Authorization to Inject into buyer tank from seller vessel, before Transhipment and provide to commence on transhipment.
5. Seller issue DTA to buyer, buyer visit port with their own SGS survivor to conduct Dip Test at Rotterdam port.
6. After SGS inspection is successful, buyer makes payment by MT103 or TT Wire transfer for the total product available after the result of buyer dip test result.
7. Seller change title of ownership to buyer's name and seller pays all intermediaries according to the signed NCNDA/IMFPA for monthly deliveries.

1. Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order ICPO with seller procedures.
2. Seller issues the Tanker Take-Over Contract for review and endorsement by the buyer.
3. Seller issues partial Proof of Product and Shipping documents as listed below;
 A. Certificate of Origin
B. Company License to Export
C. Product Passport (Analysis Result)
 E. Bill of Lading
F. Vessel's Q88
4. Upon receipt of the above documents by Buyer, Buyer makes payment for 5% via T/T Wire transfer total costs of the shipment within 48 hours into seller’s nominated bank account as per invoice issued by the seller to buyer and vessel leave for discharge port.

5. Upon arrival of the vessel at Discharge Port, the vessel captain will hand over all the original POP documents to the buyer's representative while buyer pays for the total contract after SGS, CIQ or equivalent inspection at the discharge port via T/T Wire transfer and the amount payable for Allocation Guaranty Deposit will be deducted while offloading will commence immediately.

6. Seller pays Commission to all involved mandates and intermediaries by T/T Wire Transfer as mutually agreed in the NCND/IMFPA.SELLER SIGNED SEALED

>> Mr. Salim Al-Adawi, Salim Al-Adawi Trading Ltd

JP54 Real Buyer Available! Need Real Seller.

Dear Sir

Please send me the latest SCO, buyer is ready to buy BUT with the following buyer procedure:

Can you provide JP54 for $40-38 per bbl FOB Rotterdam? Secondly and most importantly, are we able to test on seller tank BEFORE injection into buyer hire tank? We want to make sure the products there before we trigger our tanks and not lose money waiting. Please, we are very serious to initiate a 2M bank trial and then 4M/per month x 12.

Kind regards

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Name     Martins Steve 
Company   En Global Investment Ltd 
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Tel   +2348035904691 
Mobile   +2348035904691 

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