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Aviation Fuel "JP54" or "Jet A1" CI Dip and Pay Rotterdam 2017-11-14
Dear Buyers and Buyer Mandates,

We are pleased to offer a new procedure for the supply of Aviation Jet Fuel JP54 and Jet A1 on CI Dip & Pay basis in Rotterdam. We have sellers who work to the high standards of integrity and we are looking for buyers whose prime purpose is to purchase aviation fuel. The transaction procedure below is fair and straightforward with the ultimate aim that neither Buyer nor Seller are not put at the risk of loss of their business integrity.

There are no upfront payments.
If Buyer cannot provide proof of tank lease (TSR which for verification) prior to Dip Test Authorisation then we are not able to have a deal.
If Buyer does not have tank availability, this can be arranged by Seller / Seller Mandate

We say again that we operate with integrity and would appreciate that only those who are really interested in have a clean business transaction should respond to this advert.

On receipt of Seller’s soft offer, Buyer sends CP for Seller’s acceptance.
Upon Buyer being accepted, Buyer sends ICPO and signed NCNDA/IMFPA Agreement.
Seller issues commercial invoice (CI), Buyer signs and returns to Seller with TSA and two day (minimum) active TSR for Refinery’s verification.
Upon TSR being verified, Seller issues:
a. Fresh SGS report
b. DTA
c. Tank storage receipt (TSR) to buyer
Buyer orders at their option SGS to conduct Dip Test of the product in the Seller’s tank at Buyer’s expense.
6. Upon successful Dip Test, Seller shall immediately submit the full Proof of Product (POP) to the Buyer.
Buyer makes 100% payment by MT-103 TT wire transfer for the total product and Seller issues to buyer all exportation Documents and Seller transfer title of ownership to Buyer. The Buyer pays commission to the Buy Side Intermediaries as per Master Fee Agreement.
Seller issues draft SPA to buyer to review for R & E monthly deliveries.
Buyer review and approves the SPA and issues SBLC/IRDLC irrevocable, non-transferable, auto revolving for 12 months’ shipment value to Seller’s Supplying Refinery, documentary letter of credit and each lift per schedule. Buyer pays after Dip Test by MT103 Wire Transfer on each monthly lift. The subsequent deliveries shall commence according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

You can contact us on Skype - “Charin Energy”

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Name   Ms. J. I 
Company   Member : Charin Energy & Maritime Ltd 
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Tel   +44 203 286 2685 
Mobile   +44 79xxxxxxxx 
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