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JP54 & D6 FOB HOUSTON / ROTTERDAM 2017-11-13
We are looking for sellers that can supply JP54 and D6 based on the following procedures on FOB HOUSTON or ROTTERDAM basis.

JP54: 2 - 5 million barrels
D6: 200 million gallon

is required on monthly basis.

Please "ONLY" contact me, if your seller is able to deliver based on the following procedures.

Terms of Engagement:

1. Buyer issues official ICPO with copy of buyer’s Company Registration Certificate for its returned signed copy, being Binding Agreement for Spot Transaction.

2. Seller issues draft contract / commercial invoice for the available quantities in the storage tank to buyer, upon signing the CI, buyer provide TSA, ATV for seller’s verification and validation for transaction be followed as described.

3. Seller issue DTA – unconditional Dip Test Authorization, tank storage receipt, ATV & ATS, Buyer order SGS or Intertek to conduct Dip Test of the product in the seller’s Tank on Buyer Expense, fresh copy of validated Q&Q report will be provided to the seller.

4. Upon successful Dip Test, the TSR, ATI and ATV will be presented in matter of four working hours for injection to be coordinated and started, Payment for full value of validated Q&Q will be made by MT-103 to seller’s designated bank account as mutually agreed on signed CI upon start of injection. Copy of the Wire Transfer Receipt and a copy of the Swift Wire Confirmation Number will be furnished for Seller’s bank to track the wire transfer for seller to provide the Ownership Transfer Letter and providing Full POP, including Certificate of Origin.

5. Buyer will pay Buyer’s Side and Seller will pay Seller’s Side Commission to intermediaries involved in the transaction after confirmation of buyer’s payment.

6. Seller will provide the Draft of the Rolls & Extension SPA for mutually agreed quantity of monthly delivery for buyer’s review and return of signed copy with amendments if be necessary.

The payment for full value of validated Q&Q of product will be paid 3-5 days (if not more) ahead of required time for injection to be completed no matter what the product or its quantity be.
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Name   Mr. Oezay Imer 
Company   Member : Imer International Petroleum Trade 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   +49 17647974280 
Fax   +49 . 
Mobile   +49 17647974280 

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