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Notice to all credible buyer for Bonny Light Crude Oil.

Be very careful of scammers, saying they have NNPC BLCO direct terminal naira price at N94.00 or N75.00 trying to deceive you with free MATB that was not issue from the loaded vessel captain directly to buyer of which such MATB can never be use to go onboard of any loaded vessels, they all fake offer, after they send you the fake MATB they will ask the buyer to pay cash for Clearance when buyer don't need any NNPC Clearance to go onboard of any loaded vessel that is outside of Bonny Terminal.

It is only when buyer supercargo/inspector are coming inside Bonny Terminal to board that is NNPC Clearance is needed to allow them to come inside Bonny Terminal. They are all Fraudster, it is invalid with NNPC, take note that buyer don't any Clearance to go onboard of loaded vessel in Lagos water, Lome water, Ghana water, China, Rotterdam. If anybody send you any ATS you can send it to me to confirm if it is genuine or fake.

I can accept
Swift MT199 RWA
Swift MT799 Blocked funds
Swift MT700 DLC

Discount price: $12.00 net $8.00 on CIF
$14:00 net $10.00 on TTO, TTT,FOB

Naira price: N184 less 4.

Kindly be informed that we always have NNPC loaded vessels of BLCO available in Nigeria Water, Togo Water and Ghana Water on TTO, TTT and CIF to all countries port, for credible buyer's to deal.

I am NNPC Operator incharge of product selling.

Engr. Orji Uzoma Austin, NNPC Operator and Ceo of Uzzy Gems Beehive./ Ojimadu and Marites Oil Marketing Nig. Ltd. https://uzzygemsgroup.com.ng
Whatsapp: +2348063027226, +2347081279008
 Contact Information
Name   Dr. Uzoma Orji 
Company   Member : Uzzy Gems Beehive 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +2348063027226 
Fax   +2348187024695 
Mobile   +2347081279008 

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