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Need D2 cif china,payment by RMB/CNY 2018-05-14
Dear Sir

1, Please explain if buyer only accept RMB/CNY, if buyer can do DLC in US$ ? How MT 700 will go to Russian Bank? SWIFT ?

2, How seller issues 2% PB, if seller issue 2% PB in US$ or RMB?


Sharon LUO


Need D2 cif china,payment by RMB/CNY


We have Request from buyer of D2 EN590 10PPM,CIF CHINA.
Below is buyer's request and procedure approved by buyer:


a).buyer accept EN590 10PPM CIF price Gross USD $ 280 per MT and Net $270 per MTon to buyer, and seller side commission is $5 per Mton and Buyer side comaission is $5 per Mton.DIESEL GAS OIL ULTRA-LOW SULPHUR DIESEL 10 PPM /EN590(European standard 5) The Minimum Quantity: 10,000 Metric Tons per month AND Maximum Quantity: 500,000 Metric Tons per month
The Discharge port: Rizhao port,china.

b).buyer bank name is BANK OF CHINA-SHANGDAO-QINGDAO,the buyer bank pay only RMB/CNY to russia bank. (Because the buyers bank pays dollars through the Federal Reserve regulatory network, if the buyers bank pays the dollar to the Russian bank, then the buyers bank will be fined by the Fed. This is the result of U.S. sanctions against Russia.为买۰银ڸ过ڸ联储监η网络买۰银ڸ罗银么买۰银将ڸ联储罚γ这ڸ国ݤ罗导ȡ)


1) Buyer confirms soft corporate offer and issues an ICPO/LOI to SELLER REFINERY.

2) SELLER REFINERY issues Full Corporate offer to buyer.

3) Buyer sign seal and return Full Corporate offer with acceptance letter.

4) SELLER REFINERY issues draft contract opens for amendments along with NCNDA-IMFPA to buyer.

5) Buyer makes amendments if any, sign and return Draft Contract to SELLER REFINERY for review and acceptance.

6) SELLER REFINERY issues approved draft contract and a letter to the buyer.

7) SELLER REFINERY sends/issues the hard copies of the contract along with the Partial POP to the buyer via Courier Service for buyer review.

8) Buyer Bank issue a valid for 15 days MT705 notification letter of a documentary letter of credit to the seller's Bank via SWIFT(if the seller's bank within 15 days, he failed to issue 2% performance bond, this belongs to the responsibility of the seller, the buyer's bank issued MT705 expires, it automatically invalid).
(The buyer's bank can't send these content via SWIFT:Buyer Bank opens swift communication with the seller bank in readiness to receive the Full POP from the seller Bank.)

9) SELLER REFINERY Bank swifts FULL POP and other relative documents to the Buyers Bank. Below are the POP Documents to be swift via bank to bank: a. Copy of License to Export issued by the department of the Russian Ministry of Energy,

b. Copy of Approval to Export issued by the department of the Russian Ministry of Justice.

c. Copy of statement of availability of the product.

d. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product.

e. Copy of the Pipeline Corporation contract to transport the product to the Loading Port.

f. Refinery Certificate of Product.

g. Copy of the port storage agreement.

h. Copy of tank storage receipt.

i. Dip Test Authorization Letter with Authority to Board

j. Copy of SGS report at loading port

k. Copy of the charter party agreement(s) to transport the product to discharge Port.

L. Bill of lading

M. Cargo manifest

N. Proforma Invoice

O. Notice of arrival with Details of shipping Agent at Destination

10) SELLER REFINERY bank issues 2% performance bond to buyers bank, and should refinery default, the 2% PB will be paid to the Buyer.

11) Buyer bank confirms swift and issues irrevocable, non-transferable, revolving, valid for 60 days, MT700 documentary letter of credit to SELLER REFINERY BANK.

12) Ship arrives at port destination port and CIQ conduct inspection on the goods and send Q&Q report to Buyer and SELLER REFINERY then SELLER REFINERY send commercial invoice to buyer.and The buyer handles all documents of customs clearance.

13) After SELLER REFINERY shall instruct ship's captain to discharge cargo and The buyer handles all documents required by customs clearance(Seller sends the title ownership documents to Buyer.).buyer bank release payment via MT103/TT to seller bank after inspection at port 100% payable for each discharge and CIQ conduct inspection on the goods and send Q&Q report within 3-7 banking.

14)SELLER REFINERY releases payment to all intermediaries/Agents via T/T wireless transfer within 24/48 banking hours after receipt of all relevant shipping documents.

15) Upon completion of all verification, shipment commences as per Sales and Purchase Contract Agreement.

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