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Greetings Gentlemen,

We are now qualifying buyers for the products below which are immediately available for both SPOT and CONTRACT deals.

A: Product – Fuel oil no.6 (D6) Quantity – 100 million gallons Price – 0.94 cents per gallon (FOB ROTTERDAM)

1. Buyer issues acceptance letter to procedures. Seller issues FCO, Buyer signs, seals and returns to Seller along with company details and banking coordinates in place of ICPO.
2. Seller issues CI for Buyer to sign, seal and return to Seller.
3. Upon receipt of the signed CI, Seller sends ATSC and BCL Verbiage to Buyer and Buyer issues Bank Confirmation Letter via Swift MT 199 or RWA to Title Holder of the Product, providing financial responsibility.
4. Upon verification of the Swift MT 199 or RWA by Title Holder, Seller provides the following documents;
- Copy of License to Export, issued by the related National Authority
- Copy of Approval to Export, issued by the local Customs Authorities
- Copy of Statement of Availability of Product
- Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product
- Copy of Freight Company Contract to Transport the Product to the Port
- Copy of the Port Storage Agreement
- Authority to Verify
- Tank Storage Receipt
- Injection Report
- Authority to Sell and Collect
- Unconditional Dip Test Authorization
5. Buyer conducts Dip Test immediately in Seller’s tanks, sends a copy to Seller for mutual confirmation, and upon positive verification of the Dip Test results, Buyer immediately pays for the total cost of the Product via MT 103 TT Wire Transfer to Seller along with a valid TSR or Q88. Buyer sends a copy of Swift MT 103 TT Wire Transfer to Seller.
6. Upon confirmation of payment, Seller commences to inject the Product into Buyer’s designated tanks/vessels and pays all intermediaries. Once transfer of the Product is complete, Seller issues new Title Certificate and other necessary documents to Buyer.
7. Seller issues draft Contract to Buyer to review, sign, seal and return to Seller. Buyer issues SBLC for total cost of subsequent shipments as per agreement on the Contract

B: Product – Diesel D2 Quantity – 15 million gallons Price – 0.94 cents per gallon (Tanker Takeover)

POAEE00 - Buyer to dip and pay immediately. (No2)
Quantity: 15 million gallons
Dip Test: SGS would have to come out to the vessel in international waters
Origin: Venezuela origin
Location: Vessel currently in Aruba
Price: Spot is USGC - 0.02 / even per gal
(Commission 2 cents split between seller side and buyer side). Contract is USGC - 0.03 / 0.01 even per gallon (Duration: Weekly to be agreed)

I need an acceptance letter to provide CI & UNCONDITIONAL DTA. Buyer will also be provided with Q88 / ATV /DTA. Buyer needs to book SGS immediately and provide details so ATB can be prepared, for Dip test.

Feel free to contact on sionking3@gmail.com


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Name   Mr. Kingston Zion 
Company   Member : TC Group 
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Tel   +447788777609 
Fax   02080000000 
Mobile   +447788777609 

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