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FOB Rotterdam - delivery within 5-7 days to Buyers tank or vessel in Rotterdam 2017-01-06
Dear All,

Below is a procedure for delivery FOB Rotterdam/to Buyers tank/ of D2, D6, JP54, JP A1 and EN590 within 5 days
If Buyer accept procedure , contact us for details

1. Buyer issue LOI or ICPO
2. Seller Issues Contract Open for Amendments.
3. Buyer Counters Sign And Seals The Contract And Sends Via E-Mail To Seller.
4. Seller issue proforma invoice and Partial POP documents to buyer via Seller Official email address to Buyer official Email address on listed below
A. Copy of License certificate
B. Copy of Statement of Availability of the product.
C. Copy of Proforma Invoice, Commitment to supply, Certificate of Origin, Q&Q done by indigenous lab at port of Origin, ATS(Authorization To Sell)
5. Buyer Within three (3) banking Days, Buyers bank Send Swift Operative Irrevocable Confirmed Bank Guarantee Via Swift MT760 to Seller sister (Fiduciary) company bank outside Russia and send swift copies to Seller
6. Seller issue Invitation letter and arrange invite the buyer to come and inspect the goods at port of loading (Optional if the Buyer decided to Come down but it can still be skip )
Seller 2%PB to buyers for Guarantee Monthly shipment and Commences and issue full POP and shipping documents Including (against shipment Documents (Q88, SGS report certificate , Bill of Lading ), and also test report Q88, SGS report certificate, Bill of Lading,
A. Copy of Commercial Invoice.
B. Copy of Approval to License certificate.
C. Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product.
D .Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product. E .Copy of the Transnet Contract to Transport the Product to the Port.
F. Copy of the Port Storage Agreement.
G .Copy of the Charter Party Agreement(S) To Transport the Product to Discharge Port.
H. Dip test Authorization, Tank receipt and SGS report.
I .Copy of Vessel Questionnaire 88
J. Copy of Bill of Lading.
K. Certificate of Origin.
L. Allocation Transaction Passport Code Certificate [ATPCC]
M. The customs formalities), and also test report) to buyer/bank) to buyer/Bank.
7. Ship arrives at port destination port and conduct inspection on the goods and Buyer release payment to seller bank after inspection at port 100% payable for each shipment within 3 banking days upon the cargo passed SGS and receipt of all the rele vant payment documents .
8. Commission to all Agents and Mandates as per signed IMFPA.
9) Buyer will pay 5% to Seller as penalty if the buyer fails to performed and default while Seller will pay 5% to Buyer as pe nalty if the Seller fails to performed and default

 Contact Information
Name   Mr. Ivan Ivanov 
Company   Member : R2consult 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   0884749846 
Fax   0884749850 
Mobile   0884749847 

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