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Bitcoins (BTC) sales at discount max (-15%) 2018-07-13
Download the attached file : aaa.btc-btc(2).jpg
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Direct sellers BTC here.
We have large ammount of Bitcoins (BTC) for sale.
We give discount of not more than (-15%).
I offer Bitcoin, a virtual peer-to-peer currency, not a physical coin.
We are direct sellers from Europe, we prefer to sell in tranches of 10-300 BTC.
Payment procedures the same as in the exchange offices (no face to face, no escrow, no MT 103/202 etc. ONLY wire transfer BIC/SWIFT or SEPA).
The buyer pays first.
BTC is sent to the wallet immediately after receiving the payment.
Bitcoins are sold with KYC procedures or anonymously.
BTC is a virtual currency so buying and selling ONLY ONLINE.
Banks do not like payments related to trading in cryptocurrencies and are notoriously blocking large transfers.
Banks also block transfers made by licensed escrow agents, which is why we do not sell BTC with escrow procedures.
We accept payments with a standard BIC / SWIFT or SEPA transfer up to max 2.5M EUR or 3M USD.
Trading in digital currency applies to the principle that the buyer must pay in advance for BTC.
The seller must receive a payment to issue BTC to the buyer's wallet.
The BTC shipment to the buyer's wallet is an irreversible operation and can not be canceled if the seller is deceived.
Bank transfer is a reversible operation and can be canceled if the buyer is deceived.

We deal with sales from 2009..
We work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you are interested in buying, write.
eMail: jartex_btc@post.com

Scammers with a face to face proposal and exchange of BTC for cash or payment to agent "Elvis Presley's" ghost escrow account - please do not write and waste my time !
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Company   Member : jaroo_tradex 
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