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Non-Recourse Loan against a Bank Guarantee (BG) as collateral with our Magnetization Program. 2018-01-13
Hello sir
if your bank is willing to issue a RWA confirming the credit line available,
there is a CONCRETE deal for 250 M BG

>> DR Biazen Chane, KGI ASIA LTD

Non-Recourse Loan against a Bank Guarantee (BG) as collateral with our Magnetization Program.

KGI Asia Ltd are currently offering a Non-Recourse Loan against a Bank Guarantee (BG) as collateral with our Magnetization Program. The Program allows you to generate Investments Funds which can be used for trade finance, constructions, credit enhancement, government funding, property investment and all round range of funding.

We can provide 100% LTV Non-recourse loan with our BG Leased monetization Program, 90% goes to the borrower to return back 100% after 5years with no yearly interest incured while the remaining 10% will be used to cover the Monetization, Leasing and broker fees.

The most interesting part of this program is that the monetization, Leasing and Broker fees will be deducted from the remaining 10% at closing but you will only be responsible for the Refundable Bank Swift Charges to send the Bank Guarantee(Collateral) to the lender bank, we will issue to you signed and sealed notarized Corporate Undertaking, this will guarantee your money for the swift charges is 100% safe and secure, if we by anyway fail to provide you with the 90% Non-recourse Loan within 5-7 working
days, we will immediately return back your funds and will be liable for 1% penalty fee for default.

The good news is that the level of transparency, access, protection and proof provided in this program is unique and is rarely offered in the Bank Guarantee Funding Money Guarantee industry. The entire End to End Proven Program includes BOTH Issuing a Bank Guarantee and Funding that Bank Guarantee.

Everything has been pre-structured, pre-approved and pre- negotiated so it is hassle and headache free with certain pre-determined outcomes. Total contract protection with the Bank Guarantee Issuer and Bank Guarantee Funder agreeing to penalties thereby making this transaction 100% risk free.

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Name   Marziano Palli 
Company   Member : Wolfit SA 
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Tel   +393428202845 
Fax   +390543980800 
Mobile   +393428202845 

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