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Lending 1.8%. HSBC / DB AG available for transactions . BG / SBLC / MTN. Buying Gold Bars 99.95 2020-05-09
1. Buying Gold Bars 99.95 + . Only CIF Frankfurt am Main.
No down payments.
Cash settlement is possible on the territory of Code Divoir.

2. Lending to projects and private banks from 1.8%.

3. HSBC / DB AG are available for transactions in Berlin Germany. SWIFT MT 103-202( com) / Visa Net .

4.Attached a full contract to buy or lease a BG / SBLC / MTN.

0,75% is the costs of the customer to access such Bank Instrument.

To Buy = 38+2 ( Where 38% is the costs of the Instrument to be dealt Bank to Bank after the delivery and the 2% is the balance of the costs to have the instrument transferred under customers name )

To Lease = only 4% ( this time there is no 38% as the Insturment is not SOLD but in RENT for 1 Year with R.&E. but only the 4% of costs to receive the Swift and the Instrument registered under customers name )

Into details

Our company is able to provide any kind any size of bank instruments

New form HSBC , UBS ,Barclays Bank as well..

They will see the that the instrument is located on our name and we will transfer to them as per contract


To only to request the instrument,, after the signature of the DOA Agreement, we invoice the costs that are totally 2,75% if for a Purchase and 4,75% if for a Lease.

Invoice explained:

0,75% to allocate the instrument ( so at least we have something to show to them on the EUROCLEAR SCREEN of the banks
1% ( 2% if it is a Leasing ) to request the Swift MT799 bank to bank and negotiate terms and text of the instrument before to transfer it
1% ( 2% if it is a Leasing ) to request the Swift MT760 bank to bank and transfer ( so sale ) that instrument to the client.

After that our ROLE ends.. as it will be the customer that own such instrument now and he need to deal with the Issuer Bank ( HSBC or UBS or Barclays Bank – for example )

And it will be engaged to pay back the costs of 38% of such instrument directly bank to bank—not to our company!

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Tel   +79609980888 
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