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 4th LNG Supply, Transport & Storage Philippines Download the attached file : LNG_Philippines2017_Brochure-V13.pdf 2017-11-01

  Date: 8-10 November 2017
Venue: SMX AURA Manila, Philippines

The Who’s Who in the region’s LNG and Natural Gas circle is set to gather again at the most anticipated and dedicated annual 4th LNG Supply, Transport & Storage Philippines forum will take place on 8-10 November 2017 at the SMX AURA Manila, Philippines.

>> View the agenda here: naturalgasglobal.com

For the Philippines, the prospects for LNG remain bullish. The importation of LNG is the quickest way to meet increasing domestic demand. As power utilities are increasingly turning to natural gas to replace coal - coupled with increasing demand from industries - LNG’s role in the Philippines’ energy mix will only get bigger.

As one of the most vibrant economies globally, the Philippines natural gas industry continues to generate significant investors’ interest, especially when customer long term demand remains high. The Philippines is well placed to join South East’s Asia LNG importers’ club and is well positioned to be the LNG hub for the region. The market's diverse archipelago geography will also open the door for feasible small-scale LNG and shipping opportunities.

2017 is anticipated to be one of the crucial year for integration of import infrastructures along Philippines’s LNG value chain – for Power Generation and industry purposes.

Taking on the theme, “Advancing LNG and Natural Gas Infrastructure and Distribution to Support the Power Generation and Industries”, this business-critical forum will continue to address and propagate LNG imports and infrastructure developments that will definitely be taking place in the Philippines.

This is the perfect opportunity for all serious stakeholders to highlight real opportunities for and establish their position in this vibrant marketplace. JOIN US NOW!

For more information,
please contact us at +65 6506 0965 or rizal.rahman@naturalgasglobal.com.
Download the attached file : LNG_Philippines2017_Brochure-V13.pdf
File Name   LNG_Philippines2017_Brochure-V13.pdf
File Type   application/pdf
File Size   1016273 bites

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