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 Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies Download the attached file : Renewenergy-brochure.pdf 2017-03-12

  20 – 23 November 2017, Singapore

The course is designed to provide clear, independent and business-focused guidance on market opportunity and risk to those deploying, investing in or regulating renewable power projects.

It is presented in language suited to non-engineering commercial executives and investors, so no prior knowledge is assumed or required. Presented throughout in an interactive and market-focused way, the course connects the multiple market environment factors that need to align in order that renewable power can scale up and integrate: from the business, system and policy environment to the project development processes, finances, risks and returns.

Over 4 days, attendees will be led from the global picture and trends through to the variables impacting the success (or failure) of individual projects and the integration of large amounts of renewable energy into individual power markets. This market analysis approach recognises that the sustainable growth of any renewable power business requires the balancing of interconnected and potentially conflicting requirements, including reliable service, investor returns and public/political acceptance.

Key Learning Objectives

• Gain a comprehensive understanding of the competitive dynamics, market environments, project risk factors and integration challenges associated with the large-scale transition to renewable power
• Understand the key market and business environment requirements for the sustained growth of renewable power
• Examine the development process, investment requirements and economic risks and returns for renewable power projects
• Review current and emerging solutions to large-scale renewable power integration
• Develop an integrated approach to combining financial, technological and socioeconomic factors in renewable power market analysis
• Converse with project partners, suppliers or investors
• Know what to look for when evaluating long-term, sustainable renewable power market opportunities
• Identify key investment, project development and policy risks
• Learn how to identify, analyse and critique competing market solutions

To register/enquire, please contact:
Reanne Lee
Infocus International Group
Tel: +65 6325 0254 | Email: reanne@infocusinternational.com
Download the attached file : Renewenergy-brochure.pdf
File Name   Renewenergy-brochure.pdf
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