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Mini Scale Used Car Oil/Motor Oil Distillation Plant 2017-11-13

1. What type of oil can be refined & recycled by BOD Series and convert to Base oil?
A. Crude oil refined from waste plastics and rubbers.
B. Waste Oils: Waste engine oils, diesel oil, gasoline oil, lube oil, waste oil residues, etc…
C. Waste Base Oil。
D. Waste Washing Oil。

2. Can BOD Series recycle mixed oils?
Yes, BOD Series can recycle the mixed mineral oils including diesel engine oil, gasoline engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and other industrial lubrication oil.

3. What residues or by-products BOD System produce after recycling?
Normally there are very few residues or by-products. It’s oil residues, which can be used as fuel to heat the oil in the heating system, without any pollution.
4. What is recovery rate?
BOD Series is high efficiency system, which can get more than 85 ~ 95% rate.

5. What is treated oil?
You can get mainly base oil from this system, also gasoline and small quantity of desiel oil can be obtained.

6. What are treated oil’s applications?
Base oil & Diesel can be used directly.

7. Are there any chemical materials needed during processing?
Yes, there is some catalyst needed in the process (please contact our sales, they will provide you detailed information.)

8. How long is lifetime of BOD Series plant?
The life time can last more than 6-8 years under proper operation and periodical maintenance.

9. How about the maintenance of BOD Series?
The maintenance is very simple. After you read the operation manual which to be provide after you place order, you will know that.

10. Does BOD Series needs professional engineers to operate?
The operation of BOD Series is very simple. Generally, two workers can operate it after two days’ training and reading the operation manual carefully.

11. Does BOD Series needs auxiliary equipments?
We suggest that customers order TYA Series Lubricating oil purifier plant from us to improve the oil’s quality and recycling precision, and order one JL Series Portable oil purifier machine to remove particles from the waste oil before pumped into distillation kettle.

12. How to install BOD Series ?
Customer can install BOD Series according to operation manual.

13. What space does BOD Series need?
For different models, different space is required. Pls contact our salesman and tell them which model you need, then they will provide you more info.

14. How long is the production time & shipping time?
It needs about 20 ~ 45 working days’ production period in our factory according to the actual model you order.
As for the shipping time, pls let us know your nearest sea port which you want us to ship to, then we will check out the time for you.

15. How long is warranty period?

ZHONGNENG Warrants the plant supplied under this specification against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of sixteen (16) months from date of shipment.

ZHONGNENG’s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or furnishing, without charge F.O.B. point of manufacture, a similar part to replace any part, which was proven to be defective within warranty period.

ZHONGNENG shall not in any event be held responsible for any indirect or consequential damages.

Ansen Zuo
whatsapp: +86 13668080522
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