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BLCO TTO "Free Boarding and QnQ both on Nigeria Waters Transaction" 2018-07-13
Genuine and ready to deal End Buyer urgently needed to sign and return SPA today to come onboard tomorrow based on these below "Nigeria Waters Free Boarding Transaction Procedure".

BLCO TTO "Free Boarding and QnQ both on Nigeria Waters Transaction"

* Product Origin: Nigerian Light Crude Oil (Standard Export Grade).

* Boarding and Q&Q Location: Both to be done on Nigeria Waters, in Nigeria.

* Important Note: Since this Transaction boarding and Q&Q is to be done on Nigeria Waters, both "Buyer's SUPPER-CARGO and Inspector must be an NNPC Approved and Accredited SUPPER-CARGO and Inspector" SGS and Intertek Ghana Inspectors will not be allowed to come onboard. Only "Intertek Nigeria, Overseas Marine or Calibrate Inspectors will be allowed to come onboard on Nigeria Waters.

* Discount Price: @$12/4. (Not negotiable) and this transaction is only on Dollar deal. No naira price deal please.

* Commissions: $4.00 cent.

Commissions Sharing Ratio: $2.00 cent each to both Buyer and Seller's side apiece. Seller's side of his $2.00 cent is completely closed while Buyer's side of $2.00 cent is "Free/Untouched". Fair enough.


(1). Seller issues his signed and sealed SPA to Buyer, Buyer counter sign and return signed SPA with the with "ATB FORMAT and his NNPC Approved and Accredited inspection team details and scan Int'l Passports ID data page of both SupperCargo and Inspector. Both signed and exchanged SPA is considered legally binding, enforceable, must not be changed and will be lodged with both parties respective Banks.

(2). Seller confirms the "Buyer's signed SPA and ATB FORMAT and if satisfied with it; Seller then after, issue MATB/Clearance to Buyer's NNPC Accredited Inspection Team to come onboard for product confirmation and Q&Q analysis.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyer's SUPPER-CARGO must remain onboard until after successful QnQ and Until Cargo's full payment is confirmed by the Seller.

(3). Upon successful product/cargos's attestation and With positive Q&Q report/result, Buyer place MT103/23 while Seller furnish Buyer's Bank with the soft copies of Cargo's Documents together with Seller's Commercial Invoice.

(4). Upon Buyer's Bank's confirmation of Cargo's issued documents by the Seller, Buyer's Bank effect full Cargo payment via MT103 Cash Wire Transfer to Seller's nominated account and to commissions accounts of all agents/intermediaries involved in this transaction as stipulated on the signed and exchanged SPA by both parties.

(5). Seller confirms all payments, and if successful, hand over the hard copies of all Cargo's Documents to the Buyer and connects Buyer to Vessel Handlers for immediate recharter. Then Seller clears Vessel for Buyer to sail to his POD.

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