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Please only contact me if your buyer has accepted the following procedure.

1. NNPC through Seller sends Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) to Buyer & Buyer signs the contract and returns to seller within 4 Days. Within 24 Hours Seller shall give Buyer Letter of Confirmation and Acceptance. The electronically signed copies by both parties are considered legally binding and enforceable.

2. Within 24 Hours Seller is provided with Port Clearance (Confirmation from Customs that Buyer can bring in a Vessel) along with Harbour Master’s full contact and NOR format.

3. Within 24 Hours Buyer's bank pre advice ( Buyers choice of swift message ) sellers bank requesting POP and Seller gives buyer confirmable cargo documents in Buyer’s name as POP.

4. Upon confirmation of the cargo documents, buyer within 72 hours, issues operative MT799 Block Fund in favour of the seller’s nominated account.

5. Seller's Captain issues a valid NOR/ETA including Captain’s Name, Contact Data (Telephone, Email) of vessel as shown on NOR/ETA to Buyer’s Port of Discharge.

6. Upon receipt of the MT799 Block Fund, the seller nominates vessel & releases all cargo documents to buyer via electronic transfer to buyer’s nominated address within TEN banking days.
I. Bill of Lading
II. Cargo manifest
III. Certificate of quality
IV. Certificate of quantity
V Master's certificate of samples
VI Master's Receipt of Sample
VII Certificate of Origin
VIII. Tanker Ullage Report
IX. Certificate of Authenticity
X Documentation Receipt
XI Authority to Sell (IN SELLER'S NAME)
XII Certificate of Ownership

7. Upon completion of Seller's loading and vessel programming in Buyer's name as exactly stated in the Contract as the ‘consignee’ the vessel’s Master/Captain shall issue Marine NOR/ETA to the REFINERY/PORT HARBOR and Shipping Agent and other parties via email. The Seller's vessel shall set sail and shall send its updated notification of arrival date - time every 96 hours, 72 hours, 48 hours, 24 hours, 12 hours and 6 hours (NOR) before arrival and until exact arrival date.

8. Upon the arrival of the cargo for final quantity and quality (Q&Q) inspection at the Buyer's discharge Port, Buyer shall be responsible to clear Vessel to a location that would be easily reached by its SGS/substitute inspection company and the vessel Master shall issue its Authority to Board (ATB) to the Buyer for their appointed SGS/substitute Inspection team and Buyer’s appointed representative to board as per Buyer's instructions.

9. Buyer makes payment by SWIFT MT103 to seller’s nominated account as per contract after satisfactory Q&Q report of copies issued to Refinery/buyer/seller simultaneously within one (1) banking day after SGS inspection of the final quantity and quality (Q&Q) of crude oil in the oil tanks onboard the ship at the destination port of the buyer. Seller confirms payment in its account and all original shipping documents, commercial invoice including WOT are dispatched to buyer for onward submission to its bank, while discharge of cargo into buyer’s storage facility commences.

Whatsapp: +2349091155181

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Name   Mr. Gabriel Akinfenw 
Company   Member : Gee-Copdat Engineering Services 
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Tel   +44 7878 386896 
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