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STEAM COAL 2018-06-10
Specification: GCV 5200, 5450, 5500/5800 / 5600 & GCV 6300 – 6100 Quantity: From 5,000 MT to 500.000 MT / month per contract (+/-12 months) Price CIF/FOB: USD 85.00 PER MT, less with 10$ for the FOB price

1. Buyer Company confirm soft corporate offer issue ICPO with full banking details + CP and sends company certificate of registration and import license data page of buyers passport and his representatives or any I.D. address to BAKCHARNEFTEGAZ
2. BAKCHARNEFTEGAZ approves and issues the sales purchase agreement to Buyer Company, which is open for amendment.
3. Seller issue and release contract hard copies & Partial proof of product (PPOP) as below via courier services, which buyer are going to bear the delivery charges: -
Copy of license to export, issued by the department of the ministry Energy. Copy of approval to export, issued by the department of the ministry of justice.
Product certificate of Origin.
Copy of statement of availability of the product. Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product. Copy of port storage agreement Receipt.

4. Buyer verifies and confirm PPOP documents and then make financial commitment for allocation booking and product reservation certificate directly to Tank Storage Company, which will serve as a guarantee to seller against any default, this will enable refinery to be comfortable to proceed with all other internal expenses without any doubt or fear of future default from or by buyer.

5. Bank to bank communication commence as seller bank swift FULL POP documents plus 2% PB to buyers bank / while buyers bank release agrees payment instrument {DLC or SBLC} as agree by both parties in the sales and purchase agreement.

6. Buyer Shipment commence immediately to buyers discharge port as per agree designation port in the sign contract.

7. Buyer activate payment upon successful CIQ / SGS inspection in discharge port together with final commercial invoice submitted to buyer and buyer bank.

8. Seller will compensate buyers and all intermediaries 2% of total cost of first shipment value should there be any default or failure to comply to the agreed terms and conditions stipulated in signed contract and buyer will compensate seller and all intermediaries 2% of total cost of first shipment value should there be any default or failure to comply to the agreed terms and conditions stipulated in signed contract.

1. Seller Issue SCO for buyer Review and Acceptance.
2. Buyer issue ICPO/LOI, and sends along with company registration certificate and copy of buyers passport or his representatives or any I.D.
3. Seller Issue Commercial Invoice, buyer signs CI and return back to Seller for Finalization.

4. Buyer provide Seller its Leased TANK STORAGE AGREEMENT /ATV with Seller Company name BAKCHARNEFTEGAZ stipulated on buyer signed TSA, as the rightful supplier that is injecting into buyers tank storage facility, for seller verification and approval.
5. Upon Seller Confirmation and approval of Buyer Tank Storage Agreement), seller Provide the below listed Proof of product Documents to Buyer for verification: -
*** Product Passport (Quality & Quantity Analysis Report).
*** Commitment to supply from Title Holder / Refinery.
*** Statement of Product Availability.
*** Export License.
*** Company Registration License.
*** Certificate of Origin.
*** NOR (Notice of Readiness) to commence injection of the product.
6. Within 48 hours of Buyer Receipt of the above Listed Documents from Seller, Buyer provides seller its Tank lease invoice issued by the storage tank farm. Seller verify tank lease invoice with the tank farm, and proceed and leases
the buyers tank for 3 days, after confirmation of the payment from Buyer tank farm. Buyer pays the remaining 5 days
to obtain the 8 days TSR and send to seller his tank lease payment confirmation receipt and TSR for confirmation. Seller commences with the injection of the First Shipment Quantity from the Refinery Reservoir Storage tank, to the buyers secured storage tank in Rotterdam Loading Port.
7. Seller issue DTA (Dip Test Authorization), together with Authority to Sell & Collect (ATSC) to buyer, buyer proceed with the inspection by SGS Agent.
8. Buyer Successful Q&Q Dip Test on the product, Buyer makes the payment for the Total Value of the Product
Injected into the Tanks Through the means of MT103/TT.
9. Upon Seller Receipt of the Payment for the Product from the buyer, Seller issue to Buyer the Title Ownership of the product and all Exporting Document of the product.
10. Buyer Lift the product with its Vessel Tanker.
11. Seller Pays All Intermediary Involved in the Transaction, and Subsequently Monthly Shipment Continues as per terms and Conditions of the signed commercial Invoice between Buyer and Seller.

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