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Steam Coal (Colombia) 2017-11-03
Download the attached file : Steam Coal-COLOMBIA.pdf
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Dear Our Customers,

Here is the Steam coal from Colombia for your a present and future potential business plan:

Steam Coal (Colombia)
Also referred to as steaming coal, thermal coal or energy coal, is used as a fuel source in electrical power generation in coal power plants around the world; it is used in cement manufacture and various industrial applications.

There are different kinds of steam coal defined by its gross caloric value (GCV), and quality of the coal. In our country a big part of this mineral is extracted from Cesar (La Jagua de Ibirico), from Santander, in Guajira (World's largest open sky coal operation - Cerrejón); from Boyacá and Cundinamarca (Central Region of the Country) where it's extracted the highest quality steam coal from underground mines. (Steam Coal type A)

Typical Gross Calorific Value (GVC) of Cesar´s and Guajira coal is between 5000 Kcal GAR and 6400 Kcal GAR. Due to its proximity to port, these kinds of coal are sold under Platts/Argus/McCloskey Coal Index. Quantities can go up to 77.000 tonnes per shipment every 30/45 days.

Typical Gross Calorific Value (GCV) of Cundinamarca´s and Boyacá coal is between 6500 Kcal GAR and 8800 Kcal GAR. Due to mines long distance to port and higher calorific power, these coal prices depends only from negotiation achieved between seller/buyer.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via vannakimloan126@gmail.com
On the attached file is the specs of coal for your reference

Thanks in advance,
Vanna MEAS
General Manager,

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