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BTC FOR SALE 2021-02-19
Download the attached file : btc_for_sale.jpg
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Hello everyone,

Company from Poland (Europe) selling online up to 1500 Bitcoins per day - only market OTC (Over The Counter Market).
Minimum: 0.5 BTC per one single transaction.
Maximum: 1500 BTC per one single transaction.
Single transactions can be repeated if Bitcoins are available.
Bitcoin (BTC) Price: daily buing rate (/$) on blockchain.com minus net discount.
Discount (-9%) net for the buyer for same day deliver after receiving the payment can be increased up to (-15%) net for delayed delivery.
Commission to inmediateres: 4%

Contact via email: thomastrade.eu@protonmail.ch in order to obtain the Agreement for the Sale of Bitcoin.

Due to the variable BTC price and the fact that only one payment can be sent to one generated BTC wallet address, the Agreement for the Sale of Bitcoin is concluded separately for each single transaction without the possibility of executing the order in tranches.
 Contact Information
Name   Mr Thomas . 
Company   CRYPTO 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +4822------------ 
Fax   +4822------------ 
Mobile   +4850552x14x 

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