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https://www.by-bit.me/ 2021-01-08
Download the attached file : scamer website.jpg
File Name   scamer website.jpg
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Scamer trading site: https://www.by-bit.me/

The website:

This website using dating software and using fake photos of women to lure men to invest in Bitcoin transactions,
As long as the money goes in, it will lose, even if there is money to be made, it will not be able to receive it, which is very bad.
Many people in China, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and many others have been victimized.
Please note that if an unknown woman joins your communication software, please be careful to fall into the scam trap !!

The website is still running today, and many people still don't know they have been deceived. If your friends and relatives are trading on this website, please inform him or the money will come in and hurry up to the police.


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Name   Mr. hunt city 
Company   Member : huntcity 
Email   Log In to See Email 
Tel   +8863772456 
Fax   +8863772456 
Mobile   +8869812345 

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