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Bitcoins (BTC) For Sale - update [2020-09-10] 2020-09-10
Download the attached file : btc(1).jpg
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File Size   114303 bites
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Dear Sir/Madam


I offer selling Bitcoins (BTC) obtained from legal investment activities ....
My offer sale BTC is real. I am an active lawyer and I cannot deceive people because I would lose my right to practice.
I sell Bitcoins (BTC) legally as a natural person not company.
In Europe only natural persons do not need to have a license to legally trade cryptocurrencies outside the regulated market - OTC.
I sell Bitcoins (BTC) a virtual peer-to-peer currency, not a physical coin.

* Availability on September 10, 2020:
* Trade volume: 10-5,000 BTC (minimum 10 BTC and maximum 5,000 BTC per one single transaction).
Note: Purchase of BTC below 10 BTC is possible but without a discount for the buyer and no commission for the inmediateres.
Single transactions can be repeated if Bitcoins are available.
* Bitcoin Price: daily buying rate (USD or EUR) on blockchain.com minus net discount.
* Discount to Buyer: 15% gross / 8% net
* Commission to inmediateres: 7% (seller side 3,5% / buyer side 3,5%) + additional 5% (seller side 2,5% / buyer side 2,5%) commission for each single transaction (without tranches) minimum 1000 BTC.
* Payment method:
International Bank Wire Cash Transfer (urgent or express SWIFT/BIC) worldwide (USD, EUR) - without a maximum amount per transaction or
SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) - IBAN to IBAN: only countries UE and currency EUR -without a maximum amount per transaction or
SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (Ins) - IBAN to IBAN - only countries UE and currency EUR - maximum amount per transaction to 100,000 euros.
Not escrow. Not BG/SBLC. Not MT 103/72. Not MT 103+. Not SWIFT GPI.
Buyer moves first.
Payment for BTC unconditional without no blocked funds, as the Bitcoin network does not roll back transactions after confirmation.
The money must reach the seller's bank account, without blocking funds and the seller must have access to the funds received so that Bitcoins can be delivered to the Buyer's Wallet, because in the case of a dishonest buyer there is a high risk that after receiving BTC, he will cancel the bank transfer and deceive the seller.

* Procedure (two options to choose from): KYC (transaction with verification and agreement SPA) or None-KYC (anonymous transaction)
Procedure KYC:
1) Buyer send order to seller
2) Contract Signed (seller+buyer) via email
3) Payment (EUR or USD) to seller
4) BTC to buyer
5) Commission (EUR, USD or BTC) to Intermediaries
Note: POF and POC is not mandatory.
If the BTC buyer requires POC (screenshot of the BTC wallet) then a credible POF issued by the Bank where the BTC buyer has a bank account with funds for the purchase of Bitcoins must be attached to the order form.
Not Satoshi test (SCAM 100%). Not A+B and B+A test online (SCAM 100%).
* Transaction method:
Online transactions only - remotely via the Internet (the whole world).
Not F2F. Not TTM (F2F + B2B).
The seller is old experienced in private and direct trading of cryptocurrencies outside of platforms and stock exchanges and sell Bitcoins in the same way he bought over 1600 times from BTC sellers around the world (only online and OTC).

Bitcoins trading also outside the regulated market (OTC) by individuals is legal throughout the world.
If you do not like the seller's procedure (online and OTC) with a large discount and offer sell high trade volume, buy's Bitcoins on stock exchanges and platforms (regulated market) without a discount, with a high spread and transaction limit up to a maximum of 15,000 EUR per day.

Offer only for serious buyers with own funds for this type of investment.

Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers/Mandates are welcome to bring their clients and are 100% protected. In complete confidence, we will work together for the benefits of all parties involved.
Do not contact us with buyer suggestions please.
Seller do not change their procedures and their contracts.

Please contact in English language via email email: bookingwera@gmail.com or call if you speak Polish (phone mobile: +48 508 805 973).
Sorry, we cannot answer by other ways.

Best Regards
Owner & Seller BTC
Note: The seller BTC does not send this post directly to your email.
If you have received the post by email, it means that you have agreed to receive the subscription.
If you do not want to receive posts, unsubscribe with subscriptions or leave the group.
 Contact Information
Name   . Wera . 
Company   Member : legal services for business 
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   Inquire Now 
Tel   +48 508 805 973 
Fax   +48 (00) 0000000 
Mobile   +48 508 805 973 

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