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FOR SALE Oil depot LLP 2020-03-19
Oil depot LLP commissioned in December 2008. The total area of the land plot is 8.1693 ha.
Built with the use of new requirements for industrial and environmental safety, the petroleum depot is a modern production facility, which uses advanced technologies for loading and unloading petroleum products and ensuring safety.

1) The tank farm for the storage of petroleum products consists of nine aboveground vertical steel tanks, with a total volume of 21,000 cubic meters.
RVS-1000 cubic meters - 3 pcs. In addition, RVS-3000 cubic meters - six pcs. For storage of light oil products that are equipped with a gas-equalizing system to reduce emissions to the atmosphere, which is associated with auto and rail loading. One of the tanks RVS-1000 is equipped with a heated fuel for pouring diesel fuel during the cold season.
2) Three railway tracks with a total length of 1001.8 meters, there is also a fourth railway track outside the territory, which is shared, which makes it possible to store 52 cars.
One-time delivery of up to 28 tanks, the discharge loading of which is carried out within 2 hours. For the movement of tanks used double-sided winch, without attracting shunting locomotive.
3) Railway plum-loading ramp on 14 railway tanks equipped with geometric systems for loading of UNZh-100AS and discharge of USN-150HL1.
4) Pumping for discharge loading of petroleum products with pumps:
- TDL2237.195 with a capacity of 400 cubic meters-hour H = 32m
- TDL2237.195 with a capacity of 400 cubic meters-hour H = 32m
- TDL2034.170 with a capacity of 100 cubic meters-hour H = 32m
- TDL2034.170 with a capacity of 100 cubic meters-hour H = 32m
5) An automobile overpass at four filling stations for dispensing fuel to tank trucks is equipped with four pumps of the KM-100-80-170E brand with a capacity of 100 cubic meters per hour each with loading equipment ASN-80-02. All pumps for pumping petroleum products are equipped with two shaft seals. Auxiliary facilities of the enterprise are:
1) Passage total area - 99.3 square meters. Meters, administrative building with garages, workshops, and a laboratory with a total area of 1,096.5 square meters. Meters In the building of the entrance and administrative building there is a fire alarm system with voice alarm system about the fire.
2) Transformer substation 2 * 630 kVA and autonomous diesel generator with a capacity of 250 kVA.
3) Production and storm sewer 500 meters long and underground reinforced concrete tank with a volume of 200 cubic meters. With an oil trap and a modular wastewater treatment plant type UOM-6, with a capacity of six cu. meters per hour. Purified water is used to fill fire-extinguishing tanks.
4) Evaporator Pond.
5) The oil depot is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system for a railroad overpass, pumping tanker, tanks and tanker loading site. The system includes pumping fire extinguishing with pumps TDS2236.255 - 5 pcs, TDS2232.290 - 1 pc, TDS2231.290 - 2 pcs. A reservoir for water reserves of 2000 cubic meters, underground water pipelines and water with a frother, chambers switching with electric drives, pipelines for supplying water and foam to objects.
GPS-600 in the amount of - 20 pcs installed on the railway overpass. Moreover, fire monitors LS-20 - six pcs, in the bulk pump station GPS-600 - 4 pcs, on the automobile overpass GPS-600 - 8 pcs. The tanks are equipped with irrigation rings and foam generators -600 for RVS-1000, 2 pcs. In addition, -2000, for -3000, 2 pcs. In the event of a fire, sensors installed at all facilities, through an automation system, connect an object to supply water and foam.
6) The measuring system STRUNA + was installed on 9 tanks for remote control of the level, temperature, water, density, pressure, calculation of the volume and mass of light petroleum products with automatic transmission to the control authorities and to the oil depot computers.

7) Preparatory work was carried out for the second phase of the construction of a tank farm for receiving and storing dark oil products with a volume of 23,000 cubic meters.

Foundations prepared:
For two refineries NPU-100,
For the production of engine oil, its storage and bottling.

1) At a distance of 3 km passes the pipeline of TransNefteProdukt JSC, it is possible to connect to the pipeline transportation system to receive diesel fuel and oil.
2) The geographical position on the border of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan makes the oil depot the best option for obtaining oil products from the Russian Federation for consumers of the Republic of Kazakhstan and exports from the Republic of Kazakhstan to the near and far abroad according to internal tariffs.
3) The monthly volume of transshipment of petroleum products is up to 90,000 tons in one shift work by the existing team. To increase the volume to 120,000 tons, two-shift work and an increase in the number of workers will be required.

PRICE - 20000000 ML $ The price is negotiable.
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