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JV GLOBAL FINANCIAL INC -.Dr. Gregory O'Neil Jobson-Larkin and Ms. Kerry Scott 2018-01-09 2018-05-02
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Dr. Gregory O.Jobson-Larkin, and Ms. Kerry Scot work as official agents of the Sovereign ICJ (Sovereign International Court of Justice) and the ICC (International Criminal Court) for Banking & Redemption; with its Official Departments, Special Forces and New Partner Organizations to re-establish Order and Justice in the World and the Universe.

Starting with the Redemption of ALL Heritage Accounts, Imperial and Historic Treasures, and Assets for the Wellbeing of Humanity and the Protection of the World and Beyond moving forward, we are also bringing Order and Justice against those who have Corrupted, Stolen, Defrauded and Manipulated the Banking, Financial and Governmental Systems for Greed, Profit, Personal and Corporate Benefit in the Enslavement and Harming of Humanity.

ICJ Senior Sovereign Judges & Officers

For Validation of ICJ Senior Sovereign Judges, Paralegal Judges, Banking & Redemption and all Liaison Officers: go to the Contact Page or Email: admin@icj-icc.org.

Please state the following within the email: Which Court Officer you are enquiring about, which case or transaction you are referring to, what the general enquiry is about and in what context; and give us your name and contact information so we are aware who is making such enquiries about ICJ-ICC Judges & Officers.

Please use Corporate, Agency or Personal Letterhead when making such enquiries. Remember, you are making contact with a Sovereign Court.

Notary and Sovereign Underwriter

H.E. HRH Lord Sir Paul Anthony Simons – ICJ-ICC Notary Public & FRRf Certified Sovereign Underwriter

Senior Banking and Redemption Officers

H.E. Sir Dr. Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin MSc D.D. – Senior Banker

H.E. Sir Dr. Patrick Bijou MBA PhD – Senior Banker

UN & UN Secretary General Liaison Officers

H.E. Sir Dr. Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin MSc D.D. – Executive Fiduciary

H.E. Sir John Paul Airs – UN Adjunct Paralegal

International Diplomatic Relations Liaison Officers

Kerry Forrest Scott – Senior Court Law Clerk

Mr. Marcos Chivico – Cambodia Liaison

Mr. Robin Hernandez – Cambodia Liaison
 Contact Information
Name   Dr. Gregory JobsonLa 
Company   Member : JV Global Financial Group 
Email   Log In to See Email 
   Inquire Now 
Tel   888.292.3031 Ext. 111 
Fax   888.292.3031 Ext. 111 
Mobile   347.786.2110 
Web   https://www.jvgfinc.com/ 

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