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Our Answer of VT GROUP LLC for his description 2018-01-10
Against the assertion of VT GROUP LLC, represented by Mr. Varkey Thomas, CEO from Texas.
We have to back up a little bit. We, Energia Brasil Ltda, are sellers and buyers of petroleum products.
This company VT GROUP LLC has placed an order for JP54, CI, with us and has signed the contract detailing our procedure. The VT Group received the POP documents for vrification with ATV by the Tank Farm.
In the short term, VT GroupLLC itself confirmed that the tanks are available, and that the product JP54 is present in the tanks, and this Rotterdam, you have seen it for yourself. We have this written confirmation. But to carry out the DIPTEST, we needed a TSR as seller and ATV hadn't been able to bring a TSA ourselves. VT Group.probably thought its end buyer will make the TSR. available to the VT Group, but this did not come in spite of a promise, as its end customer was not willing to supply him with a tank.
VTK Group LLC was also not allowed to resell the goods to third parties until VTK Group LLC carried out the TIPTEST and paid for our product. His client, who comes from India, tells me a new story every day and the owner of the company was after which I called him and asked him what will be now, suddenly not reachable any more. He could not have taken over our tank, he couldn't, because he didn't have the money for 3 days, so he wouldn't have been able to find the money for the product, otherwise we couldn't explain his behaviour.
Mr. Thomas I had described you as the Serioeser merchant, should also behave like this and not like a worm to crawl into the hole. We say he's got no ass in his pants.
One thing or fight, you're a businessman, you're just a liar, cheat with your mandates from India. They also have an Indian name.
Since I have learned some things from Japan you are not a samurai or ninja, you have no honor, even a yakuza has honor, you have nothing.
Tahnks L.Thiel
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