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ULSD required urgently 2019-01-07
Required ULSD

PRODUCT: Russian origin Diesel Oil ULTRA -LOW SUPHUR - EN590 10PPM

1-Origin: Russian Federation

2-Product Packing: CIF BARCELONA: IN BULK

3- Monthly Total: 50,000 MT TRAIL AND THEN 100,000 MT x 12 Months with R/E

4-Price: CIF BARCELONA USD $360 Gross / commission as per IMFPA.

5-Payment: SBLC MT 760 / MT 103.

6-Loading Port: ASWP IN RUSSIA

7-Inspection: S.G.S/CIQ. or like company shall at the port of loading confirm weight and that the product conforms to the following specifications.


1. The Buyer issues an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) and sends it via electronic mail to the Seller.

2. Seller issues the Draft Contract for the Buyers signatory. The Draft Contract must be duly endorsed and returned alongside with the Official Letter of Acceptance by the Buyer.

3. Seller releases the Partial POP Documents to the Buyer via E-mail as follows;

A. Approval to Export,

B. Certificate of Origin,

C. Analysis Report (Q&Q) BY RIDZHIT, D. Commitment to Supply,

E. Commercial Invoice,

4. Upon the receipt of the Partial POP Documents as advised above, the Buyers Bank issues an Irrevocable, Non Transferable, Confirmed,
MT 760 SBLC, TT, MT103, - Verbiage Appendix A in favour of the Seller as guarantee of payment for Good supplied, covering the one-month
delivery as per the Commercial Invoice.

5. Within 10 days after the receipt and confirmation of the Payment Instrument, the lifting commences and the Sellers Bank shall swift the Full POP
Documents to the Buyers Bank alongside with the 2% Performance Bond (PB), in case of delivery failure by the Refinery and the 2% of the Cargo
worth will be paid to Buyer.

6. Buyer pays via T/T (MT103) CIF Wire Transfer upon the arrival of the cargo and after Inspection at discharge port..

7. Seller will release payments to the intermediaries involved within 48 hours of receiving the payment for the product from the Buyers bank.

Genuine sellers who can do this contact us at


Whatsapp: +97470471376

Long chain of agents will be ignored

Buyer side closed.

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