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2M Barrels is available 2019-01-03
19.1 Seller issues Contract.

19.2 Buyer and Seller sign / seal this contract Agreement and buyer return with Copy of ATB / NOR Format which includes buyers name, inspection company name, shipping agent details, super cargo name and ID, all emails included, habor master name, phone number, tug boat name, radio channel, colour and flag.

19.3 Upon received of Buyer ATB / NOR Format. Buyer pays N2million to cover the ATB or NOR Fees to the operators.

19.4 Upon confirmation of buyer payment by the operators. Vessel Captain shall issue the Marine ATB or NOR from the vessel MT FRONT CAVALENGE positioned at 25nm off Tema Ghana, where the boarding or trans-shipment will be taking place.

Logistic cost to move in vessel to 10nautical miles off Tema Ghana is N30million Cash (Non Negotiable) or buyer place full instrument covering entire cargo cost.

19.5 Upon confirmation of Marine ATB by buyer inspectors, communication is open between the inspectors and vessel Captain, while the inspectors and Supercargo proceeding for boarding and sample pick.

19.6. Q & Q is ascertained by buyer inspectors, and upon Q & Q report, buyer immediately places full instrument covering entire cargo cost.

19.7 Title of ownership is transferred to the name of buyer.

19.8 Within 2 days of confirming buyer Swift MT760 BG / SBLC, the vessel of 2.000.000 Barrels, will be officially assign in Buyers name as the consignee of product by the officer in marine and shipping department of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Bonny Terminal (Proof of Product) the complete full set of original shipping documents in favor of the Buyer including

a) Original and 3 Copies of Commercial Invoice.
b) Full Set of 3 Original and non-negotiable Copies of Bill of Lading.
c) 1 Original and 3 Copies of Certificate of Quantity.
d) 1 Original and 3 Copies of Certificate of Quality.
e) 1 Original and 3 Copies of Certificate of Origin.
f) 1 Original and 3 Copies of Masters Receipt of Samples
g) 1 Original and 3 Copies for Masters Receipt of each one-copy document
h) 1 Original Ullage Report issued at loading Terminal.
i) 1 Original and 3 Copies of Cleanliness Report at loading Port.
J.) 1 Original and 3 Copies of Customs clearance certificate
K.) Charter Party Agreement (CPA)
L.) 1 Original and 3 Copies Certificate of Ownership & Warranty of Title.

Seller notifies Buyer with the vessel particulars/ crew list (Q88) and location with Masters official written confirmation to the buyer.

19.5 Buyer takes over the cargo 2,000,000 Barrels with the Ownership and Warranty of Title, as the consignee with full set of the shipping documents.

Payment is made by Swift Wire Transfer via Swift MT103 within 72hrs through Sellers commercial invoice presented after Q & Q ascertained by buyers inspection agents and presentation of the original shipping documents to the buy
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