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Direct contact with a refinery and a Russian refinery agent 2018-12-21
Hello all friends in the field of petroleum We deal with everyone if you buy or broker, but I deal with my own terms as follows :

1. Do not send Sco or prices to a second party or broker and do not send anything via an email that is not prepaid and must be linked to the buyer company.

2 - Dealing only with the buyer directly or his agent works with the buyer company and not an intermediary.

3. If you are an intermediary, you must know that we will deal with you in case you communicate with your buyer and the commission will be saved through your buyer.

*** I take this action to preserve my rights as well as the rights of mediators and is not subject to discussion

How is the procedure followed by my supplier: I deal with more than one supplier :

first : a Russian refinery agent, which is delivered to any place in the world.

The procedure is to send ICPO on behalf of the Executive Director which is ( kardevish )will not send to a real buyer or second party (Broker) the name of the company or the owner of the company or any other person.

secondly : I deal with the executive director of a Russian refinery and the owner of the refinery Amir from Kuwait is more interested in supplying to the Arab Islamic world and its clients are all Arabs.


Submit an official purchase request and be attached to the pof, which is short to prove of fund, which is a disclosure of the financial ability of the buyer and proves the existence of a buyer or not .

After the buyer's commitment to the procedure, I will communicate with him and complete the order easily and quickly.

**A non-negotiable procedure and does not talk to anyone if he does not agree. If you want to reach a compromise, then it is OK to leave your proposal...
I put my own procedure, as I explained in advance, so that I avoid wasting time and avoid cheating from the pros and cons.

Direct contact with a refinery and a Russian refinery agent

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